I’m a wandering soul.

I have always wanted to travel the world! I use to day dream about all these amazing places I was SURE I would never get to go to. But then, one day I bought flights to Hawaii and I never looked back! I always have at least 2 or 3 trips planned, and about 50 more ones I’ve day dreamed about. Traveling makes me feel alive!

You know what I love even more than traveling? Traveling for photography. I get to combine my two passions in life, how freaking cool is that? So come with me! We’ll fly somewhere unbelievable, and taking pictures everyone will drool over. We’ll explore, and adventure our hearts out. You in?


I love traveling to rad places with rad people!

Whether it's a road trip across the state, or a flight across the ocean, you bet I'm down! 

upcoming travels

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chicago, illinois
dayton, ohio


new orleans, louisiana
san francisco, california
boise, idaho

olympia, washington

paris, france


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