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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Wedding planning can be really stressful; after all, everyone tells you this is going to be the biggest, best day of your life! I like to think of it more as the beginning of all the great days. Your wedding is just another day in the books of your marriage, the first of many. But it is definitely a special day, and one that you'll want to remember with beautiful photography. Out of all the wedding vendors in St. George, Utah, let me be that one vendor, your personal wedding guru, that really keeps things in motion and keeps you focused on the most important part of the wedding day: the union of you and your best friend. I promise you'll see the value of my service tenfold, and not just in your professional wedding photography!

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I'm a pro at weddings

As a professional wedding photographer in St. George, Utah, I've been to my fair share of weddings. Actually, a lot more than a fair share, but I'm 100% okay with that, because I'm a wedding junky! This means that my brides not only get beautiful photographs of their wedding day, but they receive my wealth of knowledge on all the best wedding ideas, should they ask. I'd love to join you at your wedding to capture all the little moments you definitely want to remember, as well as the moments you don't even think of, but I know to watch for.

Whether you're starting to plan a wedding or just dreaming of your big day, be sure to check out my tips for brides and wedding planning on my blog. Here are some of the latest posts:


i live for organic moments

While everyone's watching Uncle Larry get down on the dance floor, I'm photographing every little detail from the cake ornaments to the groom's hug with grandma, everything you'll want to remember! As a professional wedding photographer in St. George, Utah, I know just how elaborate a wedding can be, but I don't let that distract me from my job, which is capturing the organic, natural moments during the wedding day. I know what to look for, and I can't wait for you to share your photos with all your friends and family. They'll be ecstatic to see all the emotions of the day in such a raw form!

Check out the emotion and energy in these photos from a recent wedding we shot in St. George, UT.

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I thrive with adventurous couples

If you're ready to hike up your gown and climb a mountain with me to get some gorgeous shots for your formals session in St. George, Utah, then hit me up. I'm ready to go on an adventure with new friends.

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St. George, UT's premier photographer

I've been taking pictures of couples for a while now and I know what my St. George brides really value when it comes to professional wedding photography. Let me show you what makes me your new best friend!


Want to learn more?

I'd love to chat with you! Whether you have a question on my services or want to discuss my style, I'd love to talk with you and show you how we'll be a great fit for your engagements, formals, bridals, and wedding day photography, from getting ready to the reception and honeymoon send-off.


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