Capturing Organic Moments with Adventurous People 


It's no secret that I think marriage is the BEST thing ever! Getting to have a perpetual sleepover with your best friend and eat WAY too much pizza on your living room floor: who wouldn't love that?! So it totally makes sense that I LOVE weddings! I mean, where else would I get to party for a living? I especially love getting to party with my favorite people on their biggest day.



If you are...

outdoors more than you are in, if your bucket list is a mile long and your chaco tan is strong, if your love is wild and fun then I know we'll be the best of friends in no time!


Let's go run around some mountain tops, and adventure our hearts out! We'll be running, jumping, and twirling around at every shoot! I'll say goofy things that will make you laugh, your fianc√© will whisper weird things in your ear, and I pinky promise your gut will hurt from laughing so hard!! When I'm behind the camera, you don't have to stress. You get to experience every ounce of your day, and I'll preserve the memories. Every tear, every laugh, every dance move your uncle Joe busts out, it will all be there! Everything you saw, and everything you didn't. So you can relive this day over and over, and feel the love for years to come!


If you've gotten this far and can't help but feel like we're a match made in heaven, it's probably because we are!


I love to travel, especially if it's to rad places with rad people!

Whether it's a road trip across the state, or a flight across the ocean, you bet I'm down! 

Let's get in contact and make it happen!

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