Hi, I'm Calli!

I love people, the ocean, chacos, my family, sunrises, hiking, binge watching Netflix, sewing, laughing, infinite moments, giving, traveling, gardening, walking barefoot, podcasts, photography, serving others, and cuddling on Sunday mornings! This list is far from comprehensive, but it’s a good start!


Want to know more? I’m an open book!

I wouldn't call myself a minimalist (that just sounds too hippy dippy for me) but things don't make me happy. I'd rather fill my heart with memories than fill my house with things . The small things in life make me happy, and I'm content with just my husband and camera!

I met my cutie husband Matt the first week of my freshman year. We were next door neighbors (our doors were literally 7 steps apart...I counted) and instant best friends! We were together NON STOP, and eventually we just sort of started dating. We got married in the middle of Sophomore year, and we're basically pros at marriage. We love to travel, snowboard, and spend TONS of time together.

I picked up my first camera when I was 18, mostly because all of my friends were "photographers". I loved learning everything I could, and I spent every waking minute soaking in information! My career as a photographer just sort of happened! Within 6 months photography was my full time job. I love the journey it's taken me on, and the people it's allowed me to meet!

I got my undergrad degree from USU in human development, and have worked with children with Autism since. I am currently getting my masters degree to progress in this field. While I love photography I wasn’t 100% fulfilled doing JUST photos, but I think I’ve found a great balance of doing both! These kids fill my heart, and while it isn’t always the easiest job it definitely is rewarding!

I live by the quote "If what you did yesterday still looks big, you haven't done much today." Every day is a chance to do something new and make changes! You just go out there and get to it. These changes can be big or small, in your life or others, invisible or obvious. Don’t live your life looking back on yesterday.