I'm  Bella


Want to know more about me?

Hey there, I am Bella. I am from a small town called Paradise (Sounds like a pickup line but it is a real city.) I am happily married to the cutest guy on the planet, and we just hit out one year anniversary. We have two puppies, Ebony and Ivory.  Brachen, my husband, was my Sign Language teacher (I know I am that girl.) However we did not start dating until way after that semester was over. Mine and Brachen's relationship is a little different than most because we use ASL to communicate, due to Brach being deaf. Lots of people ask me if I wish he wasn't? But honestly I wouldn't change a thing. I love us. Although if he became a professional massage therapist over night, I wouldn't complain.

I always wanted to be a photographer, I took a ton of film classes and I really did love it. I sold my destroyed second hand film camera before I started college, and told my husband (boyfriend at the time) that I wish I could get more into it again but I didn't have the money so I just moved on from that dream. He surprised me that Christmas with my first actually functioning digital DSLR camera and I haven't put it down since. 

I love seeing new things, going new places, and meeting new people. My dream job would be to be a constant tourist. My favorite places I have gone so far are the Bahamas and...Disneyland. I know cliche. 

Talking to people is seriously my favorite hobby, I could ride the bus all day so I could meet new friends and learn about their lives. I believe everyone has hidden wisdom inside of them, and I want to learn it all.

A quote I remind myself of everyday is, "Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice." I have had a job since I was eighth-years-old. Hard work is very important to me. I can promise I will give you my all while I am serving you as my client because once I commit to something I see it through.

I meet Calli because she was MY wedding photographer. I worked as an intern under her for a little bit, and now I am her associate photographer.  I was nervous to tell her that our wedding would be in ASL because I had already fallen in love with her work, but not only did Calli not make a big deal of something that seemed so unimportant she studied up on her ASL and when she showed up to our engagements, she signed a little with my husband. 


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