let me tell you something.

First of all, I'm stoked that you are here! But let me share with you some things I want you to know about us before we get the ball rolling:

I’m not just a vendor at your wedding. I won't just show up with a camera and tell you to "say cheese". I get real, I get intimate, I get invested. I truly LOVE my clients. This relationship starts on this contact page, but it gets so much deeper from here on out. I want to know all about you, I want to be your friend. If you're wanting just someone to mark the checkbox of vendors or looking for the cheapest deal, you might not value everything want to give you. 

But if you want someone who cares, someone who will pour their heart and soul into your wedding, then you're in the right place. I promise to capture moments that represent you. I promise to dance on your dance floor. I promise to cry during your vows. Because I am here for you.

You might not realize it now in the midst of invitation designing, and dress searching... but your wedding photos are the only thing that gain value after your day. They are images your grandchildren will see, they're heirlooms. You will look back on them for years to come, so let's make them great! 


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Adventurous Weddings & Elopements start at $2800
Couples Sessions start at $350