Lydia + Aaron Formals

professional formal photographer ogden utah holding hands framing leaves happy playful
best formal photographer ogden utah fall leaves mountains red bouquet
best professional formal photographer ogden utah hugging holding hands laughing smiling playful fall colors mountains
professional ogden utah photographer formals first look red and orange bouquet smiling happy
best ogden utah photographer formals billowy veil romantic smiling

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My Favorite Boho Headpieces and Crowns

Let’s chat floral crowns. Though currently a raging bridal accessory (that I’m totally on board with), they actually aren’t a new thing. For generations throughout the world, floral crowns have been adorning bride’s hair to symbolize love, fertility and celebration. So along with your something old, new, borrowed, and blue, consider adding a floral crown to your wedding day ensemble. I love the idea of adding something sentimental that you can personalize yourself!

boho headpieces and crowns!.jpg

Whether you’re a traditionalist seeking to keep customs alive, or looking for a customizable statement piece at your wedding, a floral crown might be for you! Check out a few of my favorite headpieces and crowns that speak to my wild, bohemian heart.

  1. Minimalist Leafy Halo


Simplicity can speak volumes, and this crown is turning up the amp. Unruly, yet polished, this vibrant green crown is sending out some earthy vibes while perfectly accenting that lush bouquet and pure white gown.


2. Dainty Flower Headband


Adorning effortless waves, this more dainty headpiece adds the perfect amount of femininity to accomplish a more complete look. Its delicate detail further accentuates the lace in that perfect, boho, goddess-like dress.


3. Floral Halo Crown


Balance. Balance is what makes this bridal look work! With a dress that can only be described as sexy, minimalist-perfection, this bride can afford a more romantic, unkept hairstyle. Add a floral crown into the mix, and the results are more than enchanting.


4. Woven Floral Comb

boho 2.jpg

Have you ever had such a great hair day, that you are almost sad to go to bed because you know that it won’t be the same the next day? Yeah? Well, I’m positive that is how this girl is feeling..unless her hair happens to look this majestic every that case, I don’t want to know about it. But seriously, this look is nothing short of poetic. Perfectly woven into a braid, the hues in this comb add soft earthiness without taking away from the precision of her look.


5. Statement Crown


Need a few seconds to take in the splendor? I’m appropriately naming this one the “Statement Crown.” Everything about the arrangement is so purposeful! That vibrant crimson rose packs a punch (and even matches her deep red lip!), but is offset by the softness of that perfectly arranged greenery. If you’re looking for perfection, this is it.


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Eli + Sara Formals

professional grand canyon formal photographer pink floral wedding dress red rocks kissing romantic
best page arizona formal photographer pinkn floral wedding dress white bouquet holding hands grand canyon
best horseshoe bend formal photographer pink floral wedding dress holding hands laughing red rocks grand canyon
best page arizona formal photographer sitting cuddling red rocks sand pink floral wedding dress kissing romantic
professional horseshoe bend formal photographer adventure red rock slots purple floral wedding dress white bouquet hugging smiling laughing

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My Three Favorite Engagement Session Client Outfits

One of the things I KNOW my brides stress out a lot over is what to wear to their engagement session. They want to dress the perfect part, a balanced, cohesive look that is both bohemian and urban, both casual and close. My best tip or recommendation when choosing your outfits is that you should dress nicer than you do every day. But whether that means a nice sweater for each of you and some chunky jewelry or a full-on boho vibe with open weave cardigan and Chacos, it’s totally up to you!

My Favorite Engagement Session Client Outfits Logan Utah Engagement Photographer Calli Richards

Since I know some people are looking for a little more direction than that, today I decided to share some of my fool-proof, always-a-winner engagement outfit combinations in case you simply need examples to look off of as you’re making your outfit choices.

The Just Be You

This is where you pick an outfit entirely surrounding your vibe as a couple. It’s probably a bit more laid-back, but it’s still worth grabbing a couple new pieces to feel fancy. But the good news is that these new pieces are totally functional because they’ll fit nicely into the rest of your wardrobe!

The Date Night Classic

This is where you keep it comfortable, by still wearing pants, but you step up your game from what you’d normally wear. Pretend that your boy toy is taking you to a nice dinner, and you want to look stunning, but you’re not committed enough to wear the heals and a dress. Dress him in a sweater or a button up, and wear a bit of jewelry.

The Photographer’s Choice

I love it when my clients are as ready as I am to go adventuring up a mountain or down in a valley by a lake, and the energy behind the eyes of the couple is really apparent when you look at those types of engagement photos. My choice for you is to wear something that you ROCK and feel so confident in, but also allows us to have the adventure of a lifetime as we capture your love. That probably doesn’t look like a dress, and it probably doesn’t look like a suit for your man.

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Mel + Ty Formals

professional formal photographer page arizona red rocks grand canyon sitting hugging romantic wedding dress train
best grand canyon formal photographer kissing romantic sunset bohemian hair white floral bouquet
best grand canyon photographer formals hugging romantic sunset red rocks grand canyon backless dress white flower crown
horseshoe bend formal photographer red rocks cliff white bouquet bohemian bride
best page arizona formal photographer horseshoe bend red rocks hugging playful laughing kissing

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Britt + Grant Couples Session

professional couples photographer grand canyon page arizona red rocks floral dress cuddling
best page arizona couples photographer kissing sun streak desert horseshoe bend
grand canyon professional couples photographer hugging smiling romantic sunset red rocks
page arizona professional wedding photographer kissing romantic desert floral dress windy hair
horseshoe bend professional photographer grand canyon red rocks cliffs hugging smiling sunset

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Wedding Planning Timeline | 9 Months Before

We’re less than a year away! Nine months before the wedding, you’re starting to feel the excitement of the engagement slowly feel normal as you identify as a fiancé, and you feel a little anxious at one day identifying as a “wife”. You might still feel like you’ve got plenty of time before the wedding, but trust me: you’ll be much better off to tackle a few of things outline below this month than to leave them for later.

wedding planning 9 months before the big day wedding planning checklist timeline getting ready for the wedding

Many brides consider the wedding as the day they want to look their very best. If you plan to start a healthy diet and exercise regimen, then about nine months before your wedding is when you should look into and start working with a personal trainer or health counselor who can make sure that you look and feel your best and you’re nearing the big event.

You can also use this time to research and maybe even book the rest of your wedding day vendors that might not need as much of a head’s up, like your florist, hair and makeup artist, your decor suppliers, and even the bakery for your cake. This nine month head’s up is perfect for these vendors to plan their schedule, especially if you’re getting hitched during peak wedding season.

Since you’ve been researching wedding dresses for a couple months now, you should have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for in a gown and where you want to buy from. At this point in the wedding planning process, it’s time to take a deep breath, and bite that bullet. Order the dress of your dreams. Choose a dress that represents you and your personality and style, and also makes you feel empowered as the main attraction of the big day. Choosing your dress around this time gives you plenty of opportunity for repeat fittings to make sure it’s exactly right for you on your wedding day.

Another big to-do item is to choose and book your catering service. While the menu might get fleshed out later on when it’s closer to your wedding season, you should at least reserve the company that will be handling your food and work out logistics like travel to and from the kitchen to the venue, special access for the catering and wait staff, etc.

And lastly, one more fun thing you can do at this time is to submit your engagement photos to your local or hometown newspapers to announce your engagement. Now that you hopefully have your wedding registry up and running, you can graciously receive all the well-wishes from neighbors and extended family and friends, and then direct them to your online registry if they wish to extend their congratulations in the form of a gift with which you may start your new life together.

Stay tuned for more wedding planning tips and to see my suggestions for things you can be working on during the 8th month before your wedding day!

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Mike + Rachel Formals

professional salt lake city utah formal photographer salt flats sunset pink sky white bouquet
best salt lake city utah formal photographer hugging staircase white bouquet happy
best formal photographer in utah valley white bouquet holding hands utah state capitol
professional utah valley formal photographer staircase beaded gown hugging white bouquet mural
best salt lake city formal photographer kissing dipping sunset romantic

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Wedding Planning Timeline | 10 Months Before

If you’re planning a wedding for the end of next year, it may seem like a long ways off, but today I’ll be sharing all the things you can do right now, well in advance, to make sure that crunch time doesn’t get too stressful. The things I’m talking about today are things I’ve classified as tasks you should handle 10 months before your wedding, but there is no time like the present to get all these things planned, and you are more than welcome to treat this more like a rough guideline when planning your own big day. Be sure to check out the other posts in this series!

ten months before your wedding planning checklist tips for brides

If you’re getting married abroad, or if you know that your wedding day is going to be during a busy time of year for your friends and family, be sure to send out your save the dates super far in advance. Ten months before the big day is a good time to start letting everyone know, “Hey! I’m getting married this day, so if you care about me at all, please save this day to celebrate with me because I want you there!” People will appreciate the head’s up so that they can get to planning their accommodations, work schedules, and travel details.

Other people that would appreciate this level of advance notice are your band, your photographer, and your videographer. These are all people who would probably like to discuss their contribution to your event at an official meeting, so scheduling them ahead of time will make sure you can get a spot on the calendar of your favorite vendors. As a photographer, I especially appreciate a client who comes to me far in advance of their wedding date as it allows me to plan trips and other sessions and get a feel for when my busy season will be.

Another thing you can work on at this time is to begin your wedding dress research. The perfect dress might prove to be a little more elusive than you’re thinking, so give yourself PLENTY of time to visit boutiques, order samples, and meet with designers. You’ll really appreciate starting early when it comes time for all the other wedding-related tasks and you know that this one is already taken care of.

After you’ve booked your photographer, now would be a great time to plan your engagement photos. These would be fun to include in your save the dates, and by planning this far ahead, you can also have a little bit more say in what type of season and setting you take your photos in. Taking professional photos with your fiancé also gives you the chance to try out some professional hair and make-up artists for the big day, too.

Finally, this is about when you should start a wedding registry. Once you’ve sent out your save the dates, the congratulations will start rolling in, and wouldn’t it be absolutely lovely if you had a place you could direct the kind souls asking about what they can get you two to help you start your life together? Sites like make it super easy for you to register for things from around the web, and your family will appreciate the convenience!

Stay tuned for more wedding planning tips and to see my suggestions for things you can be working on during the 9th month before your wedding day!

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Chris + Kaitlin Engagements

fall engagement session red leaves orange trees mountain engagements white dress couples session foot pop hugging kissing couple logan utah engagement session
logan utah engagement photo shoot red dress fall leaves running through fields green canyon wild grass wind blowing through hair romantic engagement photos
cuddling and kissing engagement photos autumn leaves red dress engagement outfits calli richards logan utah engagement photographer beautiful couple
gorgeous romantic engagement session in the fall logan utah green canyon engagement pictures couples photography with calli richards fall colors white dress couples photo session
sweet and romantic cuddling kisses black and white engagement photo natural posing logan utah engagement photographer calli richards cute couple mountain photo shoot

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