Why Every Bride Should Wear a Veil for Her Wedding Photos

It is no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with veils. They add so much magic, SO MUCH GOODNESS, to every dress. When you think of wearing a veil does a 80's bride pop into your head? With the poofy sleeves and itchy tulle? Mine use to too. Until I saw how dreamy and flowy they are now! The accentuate every dress, and don't have to break the bank!

Don't believe me? Just see for yourself

Provo Utah Wedding Photographer bridal veil in formals session
Logan Utah Wedding Photographer wear a bridal veil for your formal photography session
Logan Utah Wedding Photography why every bride should wear a veil in her wedding pictures

Placing the veil lower on your head takes away the 80's bridezilla feel, and gives a romantic edge. With a half up half down hairstyle you can combine a flowy veil with natural waves for a modern and elegant look! I argue that when it comes to veils, the longer the better! 

Still aren't convinced? 

South Jordan Utah Wedding Photographer wedding veils make your photos all the better
Provo Utah Wedding Photographer Use a Wedding Veil to Enhance Your Wedding Photography
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer Make the Most of Your Wedding Photography with a Bridal Veil
Provo Utah Wedding Photography adventurous photographer use a bridal veil for amazing wedding photos


But with price tags starting in the $100+, it can be hard to justify a veil. THAT DOESN'T HAVE TO STOP YOU! I made my own veil, and I've had quite a few brides make their own. It is really simple to do. Just make sure you get a bolt of fabric that's wide enough. I even put lace on mine, no one knew I made it, and it only cost $20! 

Amazon is also a wonderful resource! Here are some veils to consider




I know there's no way you aren't convinced now! What are you waiting for?! GO GET A VEIL!!

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