Wedding Planning Timeline | 10 Months Before

If you’re planning a wedding for the end of next year, it may seem like a long ways off, but today I’ll be sharing all the things you can do right now, well in advance, to make sure that crunch time doesn’t get too stressful. The things I’m talking about today are things I’ve classified as tasks you should handle 10 months before your wedding, but there is no time like the present to get all these things planned, and you are more than welcome to treat this more like a rough guideline when planning your own big day. Be sure to check out the other posts in this series!

ten months before your wedding planning checklist tips for brides

If you’re getting married abroad, or if you know that your wedding day is going to be during a busy time of year for your friends and family, be sure to send out your save the dates super far in advance. Ten months before the big day is a good time to start letting everyone know, “Hey! I’m getting married this day, so if you care about me at all, please save this day to celebrate with me because I want you there!” People will appreciate the head’s up so that they can get to planning their accommodations, work schedules, and travel details.

Other people that would appreciate this level of advance notice are your band, your photographer, and your videographer. These are all people who would probably like to discuss their contribution to your event at an official meeting, so scheduling them ahead of time will make sure you can get a spot on the calendar of your favorite vendors. As a photographer, I especially appreciate a client who comes to me far in advance of their wedding date as it allows me to plan trips and other sessions and get a feel for when my busy season will be.

Another thing you can work on at this time is to begin your wedding dress research. The perfect dress might prove to be a little more elusive than you’re thinking, so give yourself PLENTY of time to visit boutiques, order samples, and meet with designers. You’ll really appreciate starting early when it comes time for all the other wedding-related tasks and you know that this one is already taken care of.

After you’ve booked your photographer, now would be a great time to plan your engagement photos. These would be fun to include in your save the dates, and by planning this far ahead, you can also have a little bit more say in what type of season and setting you take your photos in. Taking professional photos with your fiancé also gives you the chance to try out some professional hair and make-up artists for the big day, too.

Finally, this is about when you should start a wedding registry. Once you’ve sent out your save the dates, the congratulations will start rolling in, and wouldn’t it be absolutely lovely if you had a place you could direct the kind souls asking about what they can get you two to help you start your life together? Sites like make it super easy for you to register for things from around the web, and your family will appreciate the convenience!

Stay tuned for more wedding planning tips and to see my suggestions for things you can be working on during the 9th month before your wedding day!

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