Wedding Planning Timeline | 7 Months Before

We’re nearing the six month mark! It’s almost crunch time, but if you’ve been following along with my wedding planning tips in the timeline I outlined, you’ve likely been getting plenty taken care. No need to stress! Today, I’m outlining the wedding planning checklist items that I recommend figuring out approximately seven months before your wedding.

checklist wedding planning items seven months before your wedding

First, let’s get with the venue and figure out what sort of things they’ll take care, in the way of tables, chairs, marquees and tents, etc. And then find an equipment rental place and reserve everything else you need. Most venues will have table and chair solutions for you, or at least some recommendations for local businesses that they love to work with, but it’s best not to wait until too close to the wedding (or the day of!) to find out that no one bothered to reserve chairs through the event venue coordinator.

You should also start planning and booking your honeymoon well in advance. This gives you ample time to research flights and claim travel deals before things get too hectic with wedding planning. If you’re not big on making all the tiny little choices when it comes to travel, then hire a travel agency to plan the trip for you! I’m big on outsourcing when it comes to wedding planning, and this could easily be one less thing you have to do and save you a lot of time.

Time to feel fancy! Around this time, you should start researching hair and make-up artists and schedule a trial with your beauty team. As you’re getting your engagements and bridal photos done, too, consider having the same team work on dolling you up. You’ll develop a much closer relationship by the time your wedding rolls around and it will make the day that much more special knowing you have the real love and support of your entire getting-ready team!

Another thing you’ll get to outsource is obviously planning the bachelor and bachelorette parties! The only part you may really need to be involved in is setting the dates and getting some gifts for the wedding party members. If you’ve got girlfriends and guy friends who are willing, let them plan a fun evening or getaway weekend that spoils you, just a bit before the wedding, to hopefully relax and remove some of those pre-wedding jitters by spending some fun times with your friends.

My last recommendation for this period of time is to schedule your transportation for the big day. Just like your tables and chairs, this is a make-or-break piece of the wedding day that you do NOT want to miss out on, heaven forbid you be late to your own wedding! It’s a super simple phone call to schedule, and then you’re done. Assign a member of the wedding party to follow up the week before, but beside that, it’s an easy task that keeps you on schedule for all the other wedding planning tasks, without getting overwhelmed.

Stay tuned for more wedding planning tips and to see my suggestions for things you can be working on next, about six month before your wedding day!

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