Wedding Planning Timeline | 11 Months Before

How is wedding planning going? I hope you’ve had fun starting to day dream and build up your Pinterest board with ideas and inspiration for the big day. If you pace yourself with the planning and remember to outsource as much as you can to minimize stress, this can be a really fun time that brings you closer to your fiancé.

Today I’m sharing a few things that I think you could be taking care of this eleventh month before your wedding day. Check out our last post on this topic to see what things should already be handled one year prior to your wedding or earlier!

wedding planning timeline what to do eleven months before your wedding prep checklist

The first task I’m setting for you for this month is to decide if you want to hire a wedding planner. Here are the benefits to hiring a wedding planner: they’re well-versed in all the language and processes for weddings and understand better than you how things work best, they have lots of connections, they can refer you to great vendors, and they’ll take the day-of stress off your plate by handling all the last-minute things, and the things you need to be doing during the event like handing out final payments, making sure the rentals get returned, coordinating the transportation, etc. There are many other reasons, but these are just a few in support of outsourcing the bulk of the wedding planning to an expert.

Now that you’ve decided if you’ll be planning every last detail yourself or with help, you can make some bigger decisions like choosing a venue for the ceremony and your reception. Remember your budget and don’t let this reservation eat up too much of your finances. There are still so many more financial preparations and planning to come! Consider simplifying things by having your ceremony at the same place as your reception. Saves you the cost of transporting your bridal party to the second location and the cost of printing up additional directions, but it also saves you a ton of time and potentially money on the reservation of the space.

Next, you can book your officiant. This is one of the earliest things you want to work on, especially if you find your preferred officiant to be in demand. Choose someone that you have a special bond to or who you truly admire. It can make the big day even more special if your officiant is a friend or loved one! Give them plenty of heads up so they can be prepared, and they’ll appreciate you for it.

Now that the date and location are set for your wedding, it’s time to start gathering addresses for the friends and family that you’ll be inviting to your big day. My suggestion is to start a shared Guest List Google spreadsheet with columns for all the details you need (last name, first name, spouse (if applicable), full address, RSVP, dinner choice, plus one, etc). Share this spreadsheet with your fiancé and maybe even a few family members, like the mothers, and then ask them to help you gather all this information for both sides of the family. This Guest List will come in super handy later when you need to do a quick sort or count of who’s coming and other details so that you can tell your vendors.

And finally, in addition to your officiant, you should give your bridesmaids and groomsmen plenty of time to prepare for the big day by asking them to be part of your wedding party several months before your wedding. This gives you all enough time to prepare however you see fit, planning activities with your bridal party, ordering suits and dresses, arranging travel and clearing your calendar, etc. Show them how much you appreciate them and want them to be part of this special day in your life with a little gift as you ask them to join your wedding party.

Stay tuned for more wedding planning tips and to see my suggestions for things you can be working on during your 10th month before your wedding day!

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