Wedding Planning Timeline | 8 Months Before

As you move closer to your wedding, remember that it’s just a day. It’s a grand, special day that you’ll always remember, but it’s JUST a day to celebrate you and your spouse. Don’t let the stress of planning and preparation keep you from enjoying this season of life, your last few months before you tie the knot! I’m sharing today a few of the things I’ve designated on our ultimate wedding planning timeline that you could be taking care of this month, eight months before your wedding day.

wedding planning timeline checklist things to do eight months before your wedding day

Pay attention to the distance your expected guest list will have to travel to attend your wedding, and consider coordinating with some local hotels to block out some rooms reserved for your guests to book. This is a little touch of convenience that will make things so much easier for your guests, and they’ll be grateful! It’s this consideration that will confirm your status as a good host, and all it takes is a quick phone call or two.

One more exciting thing you can finally get started on: chatting with your florist. Come to your initial meeting or phone call with plenty of ideas for the direction you want to go, but also an open mind to be able to trust the guidance of your expert vendor. After all, they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that they know the best recommendations for you and your wedding depending on the season, location, and bridal party.

This next step can be such a stressful thing for a lot of brides, but really, it shouldn’t be! This is around when you should be thinking about and choosing a wedding cake. Sample a few varieties from your caterer or local bakery once you’ve chosen the best experts for the job. And keep in mind that the simple flavors are definitely more crowd pleasers! From all the weddings I’ve attended, I have a pretty good handle on what flies with most guests, and the fancier, flashier cake options always seem tasty, but don’t vibe as well with the reception attendees.

While you’re in the food and catering mindset, you can also be taste testing food options and wines or other refreshments to serve on your big day. Shop around to find the flavors that best fit you and your wedding style, and don’t be afraid to keep it simple! I would recommend you shoot for something less casual than what you’d expect at a birthday party or barbecue, but not as fancy as a seated, anniversary dinner, especially if you have a more family-friendly crowd in attendance.

Lastly, use this time before things get REALLY crazy to pick out your wedding stationery. You can find a friend to help you design something yourself and get it printed at your local printer, order something online through a template site, or hire a professional calligraphy artist or paper suite designer to create a custom look for your invitations that suits your wedding style! (And if you’re looking for a super unique way to announce your wedding or showcase the order of events on the big day, check out my friends Betsy and Rachel at Unlike Juliet who design custom wedding magazine invitations and programs!)

Stay tuned for more wedding planning tips and to see my suggestions for things you can be working on next, about seven month before your wedding day!

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