Wedding Planning Timeline | 6 Months Before

LESS THAN HALF A YEAR UNTIL THE BIG DAY! How are you feeling? Hopefully the nerves can stay far away because this is SUCH an exciting time for you, and an important moment in your life. We’re starting to enter “crunch time” as far as wedding planning goes, so we’re stepping up the tasks included in this recurring series to illustrate the more important areas of planning in which you should be dedicating your time.

Planning a wedding? You won't want to miss the wedding planning tips included in this recurring series by Calli Richards, Logan, UT wedding photographer.

It’s time to shop for suits for your groom and for the wedding party! That includes bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, as well. If you are a budget-conscious bride, you might find a lot of savings in renting all apparel from the same place, if possible. Otherwise, if you’re more aesthetically-focus and you envision your wedding with a lot of fine details and unique variety, you can consider individually selecting each gown or suit to “suit” (pun definitely intended) the wearer.

Do yourself a favor by preparing early and booking your appointment with the county clerk’s office to finalize all the legalities of your marriage. It’s customary to give at least three months notice to the registrar and your priest or religious celebrant, or the person you invite to conduct your wedding ceremony. Planning this all out in advance gives you PLENTY of time to organize all the proper documentation and to ensure that nothing important falls to the wayside as you near your wedding day.

Another “organizational'“-type task you can be working on is to renew your passports (if necessary) and arrange appointments to update your vaccinations if you plan to travel abroad for a honeymoon, or for the actual wedding. These are things you can’t really control or expedite, and it’s in your best interest to get them taken care of well in advance.

Lastly, now is a good time for you to consider and perhaps purchase wedding insurance. This can be a relief if you’re planning to marry far away from home or if the circumstances of your wedding are outside your control (like in a season or location with unpredictable weather, and when planning an outdoor wedding). If you’re spending any amount of large sum on the various details of your wedding, you may want to insure these investments.

I’ll check in with you next month with my list of things you can be working on a mere five months prior to your wedding. Until then, happy wedding planning!

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