Wedding Dresses You'll LOVE! (All Under $1,000)

My BIGGEST struggle while planning my wedding was finding a wedding dress that I felt really spoke to me. I went to shop after shop, trying to find the perfect one. This one was too lacy, that one was too poofy. My poor mother was about ready to give up on me, and I don't blame her! I spent YEARS searching on Pinterest and religiously watching Say Yes to the Dress, but I never found one that I felt was truly mine (or if I found one on Pinterest that I LOVED I couldn't track it down!). Of course, now that I'm done with planning my own wedding I've found all the places I should have looked in the beginning. But I'm not bitter, because that just means I get to share them all with you!

budget wedding dresses you'll love from a professional wedding photographer

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If you're ready to ditch the poof, and find a dress that speaks to your adventurous soul then you're in the right place! These dresses inspire me and the wild nature inside me. They are worthy of a wedding day yet they are the perfect balance of care free. BUT NEVER would I call them boho, because that just doesn't do them justice. These dresses can be brought on mountain tops AND on the dance floor!

Here are some of my all time favorite wedding dresses, and where to find them! (By the way, this is in no-way sponsored, I just wish I had a go-to guide like this when I was getting married!)

This Placid Gown from BHLDN - $650

I am OBSESSED with everything from BHLDN! (So don't be surprised when there are several of their dresses on this list) They speak so perfectly to my soul. You truly cannot go wrong with a BHLDN dress. BHLDN is Anthropology's bridal line, they have few physical locations. While you could buy it online, how fun would it be to take a long weekend to one of their locations with your best friends?! I say yes!!

I love the plunging neckline and the fluttery sleeves one this dress. It has the coolest lace, and THAT SLIT!! GET OUT!


Embroidered Bodice from ASOS - $151

No, I did not leave a zero off of that price. Sticker shock? I know, me too!! ASOS has beautiful, laid back dresses perfect for any care-free soul. I am particularly obsessed with these sleeves! I'm not a huge lace person, but I do love flowers. I think the embroidery is a perfect way to incorporate flowers without feeling like a lace doily. 


  Verbena Dress from Reformation - $328

If you're a simple gal looking for a dress that will let you speak for yourself...this is it! I love the simplicity of this dress. 


Aspen Gown from BHLDN - $550

BHLDN again! I love the lace sleeves and the lace incorporated in the skirt of the dress. It's so flowy and free and swoon worthy!!


This Gown from Etsy - $870

If you haven't discovered the beauty of Etsy and wedding planning, you are missing out! There are SO many options on Etsy, for every style. I love the train on this gown, and the unique beading. Not to mention the long sleeves!!


This Other Dress from Etsy - $760

This one has more of a ball gown feel, but it is anything but traditional! It's light and airy feel would be perfect for any mountain top, or garden wedding.


Sawyer from Jenny Yoo - $1200

This one comes in just over the $1,000 mark...but it HAD to be included! I love the silk chiffon, the care-free vibe, and the deep-v back!


Embroidered Dress from Etsy - $720

I think THIS is one of my favorite dresses ever!! Check out the beautiful embroidery and lace long sleeves! 


Another Etsy Dress! - $495

I'm not even kidding, Etsy is your wedding planning super power. I love everything about this dress!


Teona dress from Etsy - $765

The train on this dress is to die for!! If you're looking for a little extra on your dress, this is the one for you!


Bridal Separates

If still none of these are speaking to you, you should consider separates. It's the build-your-own of wedding dresses. With so many options and so many combinations, you can create your dream dress. With this option you have to make sure the top and the bottom are the same color!

Pair any of these dresses with a cathedral length veil for a STUNNING combination!

The secret about veils is that they don't have to be an expensive addition, nor do you have to wear them all the time! Amazon has some awesome deals on veils, or you can look up a tutorial to make your own. You don't have to wear a veil all day either, we can put it in and take it out at will.

And that's it! My all time favorite dresses. I did the work, so you don't have to! Now that you have the dress that matches your style, you need a photographer that can do the same. What good is a beautiful dress if it's not in beautiful pictures?! If these dresses speak to you, then guess what? WE'D BE A PERFECT FIT! Message me and let's get talking!


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