Tyler + Tyler Engagements | Logan, Utah Engagement Photographer

Want to know how you can keep your photographer on her toes? Marry someone with your same name! I had a blast shooting this couple, and there was only a tiny bit of confusion that came along with giving directions to both Tylers haha. We woke up early in the morning (like 5:30 AM early) and drove out to the mountains for the most perfect sunrise session!! Running around in the field of wild flowers and laughing non-stop at the crazy thing their dog, Moose, was doing!

Tyler and Tyler eloped over a year ago. When we talk about elopements now-a-days, we tend to think about planned mountaintop intimate weddings...but not with Tyler and Tyler! We're talking old school elopement! They got in the car, and drove to Vegas without telling their family. They were married by an Elvis impersonator, and the whole 9-yards!! It took them about 2 months before they finally told their parents. NEVER have I loved a story more!!! I give these two all the props because I wish I had the guts to do that. Seriously! What a wild and fun way to start an adventurous life together! Forget the stigma, and the expectations. Do it YOUR way! That's what Tyler and Tyler taught me.


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