The Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

To say I'm a pro at weddings would be a fair statement! I've been to my fair share. After seeing the behind the scenes of over 100 weddings, I've collected enough tips to write a book!! 

Today, I'm sharing the ideal wedding timeline in case you need a little direction in how to organize your big day. This timeline is based on having 2 photographers. While I'm with the girls, my husband (and right hand man) is with the boys! If you are not having two photographers then first, I would reconsider! HAHA But really, if you aren''ll need to have your photographer arrive earlier and add at least 45 minutes to the getting ready time. 

Night before

Pack your car with everything you'll need to take with you so you don't forget anything in the morning! Also, double check on travel times based on the weather and traffic forecasts to make sure everything can run on-time smoothly.

10:00 am | Brunch

Make sure you eat a good meal! It will be a while until your next full meal, and you don’t want to be hungry.

11:00 am | getting ready (girls)/ set up (boys)

Blast your favorite jams with all your favorite girls around you! If there is any set up to be done, now is a great time to recruit your groomsmen to get it done.

12:30 pm | Photographers Arrive

The best time for your photographer to arrive is when you are about 3/4 of the way through hair and make up. Be sure to have all your details set to the side for them (dress, shoes, rings, invitations, flowers, jewlery, etc.).

1:00 pm | light lunch

Assign someone ahead of time to be in charge of lunch. And be sure to have snacks available! Eating (and drinking enough water) is the biggest thing people forget on their wedding day. And if you're anything like me, you'll be hangry!

3:00 | first look

If you are doing a first look with your groom, this is the best time to do it. We can also take the majority of your formal photos during this time. If you aren't doing a first look then we will use this time to do pictures of the bridal party separately!

5:00 pm | ceremony

Be sure to ask guest to be seated by 4:45

5:45 pm | cocktail hour and photos

Family pictures and photos of you two!

6:30 pm | dinner & toasts

This was my favorite time of my wedding. It's so great to have everyone around you, and it's the most personal time. Be sure to walk around to each table and talk to your guests. Assign the toast givers ahead of time.

8:00-10:00 pm | reception

Dance the night away with all your guests.

10:00 pm | exit

Head off to your new life as husband and wife!


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