The Perfect LDS Wedding Day Timeline

This is a sample timeline for you. This timeline minimizes downtime during your wedding, while still allowing enough time to enjoy the day. Keep in mind travel time! This is just a suggestion. *Pack the car the night before!

8:00 Breakfast! (make sure you eat a good breakfast! It will be a while until your next full meal, you don’t want to be hungry).

8:30 begin getting ready (blast your favorite jams, have your favorite girls around you!)

10:30 snack
11:00 Arrive at temple (usually an hour early. Make sure you have your recommend, temple bag, and wedding dress).

12:00 sealing (The best tip I have for this is put someone in charge of bringing pens and notecards. After the sealing while people are waiting for you to exit, have them pass out the cards and pens and ask people to write down what the sealer said or what they remember from the sealing. You won't remember much after the day is gone)

1:00 exit! (Be sure to open the door yourself, don’t have a temple worker open it for you. Throw those hands in the air! YOU’RE MARRIED! Give a kiss so we can all cheer. Then hug your momma’s!)

1:00-2:30 Pictures 

3:00-4:00 Luncheon

5:00-7:00 Reception

5:00-5:45 receiving line/mingling

5:45-6:15 first dances & cake cutting (it's important to cut the cake early into the reception so it can be cut up and served! Other wise it just goes to waste)

6:15-6:45 dancing/more mingling

6:45 throw bouquet & get ready to leave (If you want to take food with you, or some of the cards you received, put someone in charge of making sure that's taken care of so you don't carry it as you exit. Also put someone in charge of passing out the sparklers/bubbles/glowsticks etc. AND DON'T FORGET THE LIGHTERS)

7:00 Exit!