Paradise Utah

Tamasen + Daniel Formals | Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

We had so much fun shooting Tamasen + Daniel's formals, and I think you'll be able to see why in these photos. I mean GORGEOUS couple and that VEIL! I'm telling you, I have all the heart eyes for veils and we just had a blast taking all these shots with Tamasen's veil!


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Alex + Sarah Engagements | Cache Valley Engagement Photographer

Read about these two in this adorable love story, as told by Sarah:

"Alex and I met at a concert in Salt Lake City the summer of 2016. We had both arrived to the concert alone and found each other and immediately became close. Alex proposed to me in the Avenues on a rainy evening surrounded by trees, he told me his car had broken down, and surprised me by serenading me while walking down a big staircase with his guitar. It was amazing! We are so excited to take the next step!"


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Candace + JR Formals | Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

You know that moment when a groom first sees his bride in her wedding dress? Yeah, I kind of live for that moment. Formal sessions are the perfect chance to capture that special moment without all the attention from the friends and family gathered around to celebrate with you on your wedding day. My formal photography sessions are all about you and your love. I'm happy to be the third wheel for that if it means you have these beautiful memories to look back on in future years.


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Taylor + Maddie Formals | Cache Valley Wedding Photographer

I loved this session with Maddie and Taylor! Taylor's reaction to seeing his bride for the first time in all her wedding formal glory was the absolute sweetest thing. I can't wait to celebrate with these two at their wedding so soon!


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Sierra + Thomas Engagements | Logan, Utah Engagement Photographer

This shoot was a total dream! I loved spending this time with Sierra and Thomas, and I couldn't wait to share their photos.

These guys met at church. In Sierra's words, here is their story:

"Me and Thomas met in our YSA ward in Logan. Thanks to a major intervention from up above we live in the same apt. building! Thomas was my Sunday School teacher, and man he is a good! I would make sure I was always there when he was teaching the lesson. He always cracks everyone up. Me and my roommates started to get to know him and his roommates and do things together. Me and Thomas got to know each other a little bit better too.

One fateful night I happened to run into him while he was taking out the garbage and he asked me if I would like to go out with him, I of course said YES! We went to a hockey game and really hit it off. Neither of us knew much about hockey, so we spent the time chatting it up and cheering when everyone else cheered. After maybe the third date we were just always together!

We love being together. You may think that math majors and human development majors might not be very compatible, but golly, we really are.

In the beginning of December we decided this could really go somewhere and we decided to be dating "officially". We fell more in love each day and February 3rd we made it really official when Thomas knelt down and proposed to me on a walk up Mueller Park canyon. We love and trust each other with all that we are. We complete each other. Whatever life throws at us, if we are together then we know we can face it.


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