Ryan + Alyse Anniversary Session

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My Three Favorite Engagement Session Client Outfits

One of the things I KNOW my brides stress out a lot over is what to wear to their engagement session. They want to dress the perfect part, a balanced, cohesive look that is both bohemian and urban, both casual and close. My best tip or recommendation when choosing your outfits is that you should dress nicer than you do every day. But whether that means a nice sweater for each of you and some chunky jewelry or a full-on boho vibe with open weave cardigan and Chacos, it’s totally up to you!

My Favorite Engagement Session Client Outfits Logan Utah Engagement Photographer Calli Richards

Since I know some people are looking for a little more direction than that, today I decided to share some of my fool-proof, always-a-winner engagement outfit combinations in case you simply need examples to look off of as you’re making your outfit choices.

The Just Be You

This is where you pick an outfit entirely surrounding your vibe as a couple. It’s probably a bit more laid-back, but it’s still worth grabbing a couple new pieces to feel fancy. But the good news is that these new pieces are totally functional because they’ll fit nicely into the rest of your wardrobe!

The Date Night Classic

This is where you keep it comfortable, by still wearing pants, but you step up your game from what you’d normally wear. Pretend that your boy toy is taking you to a nice dinner, and you want to look stunning, but you’re not committed enough to wear the heals and a dress. Dress him in a sweater or a button up, and wear a bit of jewelry.

The Photographer’s Choice

I love it when my clients are as ready as I am to go adventuring up a mountain or down in a valley by a lake, and the energy behind the eyes of the couple is really apparent when you look at those types of engagement photos. My choice for you is to wear something that you ROCK and feel so confident in, but also allows us to have the adventure of a lifetime as we capture your love. That probably doesn’t look like a dress, and it probably doesn’t look like a suit for your man.

let’s plan an adventure together!


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Mike + Kyley Engagements | Logan, Utah Engagement Photographer

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Morgan + Kody Engagements | Logan, Utah Engagement Photographer

Kody and I met at the Ogden LDS institute when we were both there by ourselves and needed someone to sit by! He was so sweet but didn’t get my phone number until later that week at an institute dance. We dated for a few months long distance while he was living in Wyoming for work. He proposed on the 4th of July while we were sitting in the back of his truck watching fireworks!

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Adryanna + Parker Engagements | Olympia, Washington Engagement Photographer

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Lydia + Aaron Engagements | Brigham City, Utah Engagement Photographer

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Dani + Eric Engagements | Logan, Utah Engagement Photographer

Last year I finally was into my major, and I started seeing the same people over and over again. Eric was one of them. Last fall we had 3 classes together! Believe it or not, in the classroom I can be kind of shy. I usually just kept to myself, and didn't make a big deal about being there. Eric is probably the opposite! Everyone knows him, he is super involved, and very loud!! One day I ended up sitting next to him, and then I started seeing him in all my classes so we sat next to each other in every class. We were constantly whispering jokes in the back of the room, he made class a ton of fun! We both graduated in the spring, and Eric was admitted into the USU HR Masters program! I'm so dang excited for him!! 

I learned Eric was dating Dani sometime after Spring Break. I actually had secret plans to set Eric up with someone else in our classes, so this news put an abrupt halt on those plans!! I asked Eric a million questions about Dani, because she had to be pretty amazing since Eric was dating her! ;) He told me even back then that he was pretty sure he was going to marry her. And guess what?! HE IS!!! I had so much fun meeting Dani and taking their engagement pictures. Dani is absolutely perfect for Eric. I'm so excited for them and all the adventures life will take them on! 

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Best Date Ideas for Under $30

Date night is KEY to keeping your relationship fun and exciting! The problem is that paying for romantic nights out when you're a young married couple is not always a possibility... These are some of my favorite ideas for a care-free, inexpensive date with your babe!  

Have a Bon Fire -

First on the list is one of my all time FAVORITE pastimes.  Pretty much all that you need for this one is a good place to have a fire (like up a canyon, or a local campground), firewood, a lighter, camp chairs, and supplies for fire food if you want itI Our favorites are tinfoil dinners and, of course, S'MORES. 

Go to a Farmers' Market  -

The Farmers' Market is such a fun and simple date! You can walk around with your sweetheart, enjoy the local art, buy some fresh flowers... So many options! I LOVE our local farmers' market because of all the farm-fresh produce, and I swear everyone brings their cute dogs with them!

Go Ice Skating -

I feel like ice skating is a totally underrated date idea. It is the perfect excuse to bundle up, hold hands (usually to keep each other from falling down), and laugh together! Even with skate rentals, ice skating is usually super affordable, too! Just call your local rink and ask for the free/public skate times and prices. 

Movie Night In - 

Never underestimate the power of a good movie night on the couch. It is so fun to head to the grocery store, give each other ten bucks for WHATEVER movie night snacks you want, then head home for popcorn and movies! My go-to movie night snack right now is a big ol' plate of apple nachos. Slice up an apple as thin as you want, fan them out on a plate, and cover them with melted chocolate, peanut butter, almonds, anything that sounds good! 

Movie Night Out - 

It's not easy to keep a movie night out under $30... But it's possible! There's the dollar movie theatre that plays older movies for cheaper tickets, or most movie theaters have one day a week where tickets are discounted. Our local theaters have $5 Tuesdays where all tickets to all movies are only $5!! You just have to make sure and book your seats ahead of time if you can. Or, my FAVORITE movie night out is to the drive in theater! Load up your car with as many snacks and blankets as possible, and head to the closest drive in! They usually charge about $10 per person, but you get to see two films instead of one AND cuddle up with your sweetie during the show! 

Go to the Pool - 

If it's hot outside, hitting your local public pool is the perfect inexpensive date night/day! Bring your pop-up shade and a cooler full of your favorite drinks and spend the day together getting tan.

Mini Golfing - 

Talk about a classic! Mini golfing is SO fun and, again, SO cheap. Go choose your ball color and rock that mini golf course! 

Go Bowling - 

Another classic date night idea, but definitely not boring! You can go for the traditional bowling, or a cute round of skittle bowling! Skittle bowling is where you go to the lanes with a bag of Skittles, and before each turn you get one piece of candy. Whatever color your candy is means that you bowl a certain way. For example, a red Skittle could mean that you bowl with your left hand, purple could mean that you have to bowl two-handed, etc... Look up a list of rules on Pinterest, it'll be sure to keep you both laughing! 

Go to the Zoo - 

Whether you are in a big city with an epic zoo, or a small town like Logan, Utah that has a cute local zoo, it is always a fun time! Check out petting zoo hours, and get a list of different shows/demonstrations throughout the day that you want to make sure and see. The zoo is awesome no matter how old you are! 

Go Hiking - 

Exploring the great outdoors with your favorite person is basically as good as it gets. Find a list of nearby hiking trails to try, and work your way through them all! Pack up a bag with lots of water, snacks, and bug spray, and you will be ready to go! 

Go to a Rodeo - 

No matter what time of year it is, there is usually a rodeo going on somewhere nearby! That being said, the best time of year for a rodeo date is in the summertime during your local fair. Rodeo tickets are usually cheap enough that you can grab some fair food to make the night even better! Put on your cowboy boots and get ready to cheer! 

Take a Class - 

I LOVE learning new things, especially with my hubby by my side! Check in with your local rec center or a local community college; there's usually fun and inexpensive little classes that you can take. You could take a dance class, a painting class, learn to make pottery, or sign up for a cooking class! Grab a list of options and look through to find something totally new that you're both interested in!

Go to a Sporting Event - 

Okay, not all sporting event tickets are going to be under $30... but if you have a local college or high school, you can TOTALLY make this happen! We randomly decided to go to our nearby high school's big rivalry basketball game, and it was seriously the BEST and most exciting sporting event I've been to in forever! And it only cost us $5 each!! Plenty of cash left over for ice cream after the game. 


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