6 Ways to Use Your Wedding Photos After Your Wedding

Let's be honest - everything involved with putting together a beautiful wedding day is an investment. It's an investment of your time, energy, emotions, and of course, your money. I've seen a lot of brides prioritize their money in certain places, like opting for a home reception in favor of tons and tons of beautiful fresh flowers, or hosting a small, intimate reception dinner with the yummiest catered food.

Then there are the ways you can make your investment last longer. Some brides sell some of their reception decor to someone else planning an upcoming wedding. You can also pay a caterer to have all your leftover food and cake boxed up so you can take it home and eat every last drop that you paid for. Today I'd like to share with you some of my favorite ways that I've seen brides use their wedding photography other than simply to post on social media or hang in their home after the big day.


1. Create a custom guestbook or sign-in book.

This idea is super popular here in Utah. Brides will take all their engagement and formal photos and put them together in a custom guestbook to place at the entrance to their wedding to allow guests to sign their names and leave a message for the bride and groom.

I love this option because it's a great way to showcase a whole bunch of your photos that guests might not have seen, but it's also a way for guests to comment which photo is their favorite and sign by it. It's so fun after the wedding to sit down with your new spouse and read and laugh about what everyone said while remembering your special day.


2. Pressed in a frame with florals from your wedding.

I wish I had a photo of this to share as an example, but let me see if I can do it justice just in a description. I've seen lots of brides take some of their flowers from their bouquet or their groom's boutonniere and press them to preserve them in a glass frame with no backing to hang on the wall. Simply add one of your favorite wedding photos (or even a photo collage!) and you have a beautiful, sentimentally significant masterpiece to hang in your home.


3. Submit them to your vendors to share online.

If your vendors don't already love you as a client, they definitely will when you share your wedding photos with them! After your wedding, reach out to them with a simple thank you and a collection of photos applicable to the services they provided (i.e. photos of the dessert table to the caterer, close-ups of your bouquet and flower crown to the florist, and face shots to your hair and make-up artist). Simply ask them to tag your photographer in the photo, which they will likely be more than happy to do, and if it matters to you, ask them to tag you as well. What a great way to share your joy over the happiest day of your life with even more people than just those who attended?


4. Create a custom wedding magazine from Unlike Juliet.

My good friends Betsy and Rachel design absolutely STUNNING custom magazines for brides all over. You can use your magazines as a super fancy save-the-date, as wedding programs or favors at the reception, or even as a thank you that you send to guests after the big day.

Use these gorgeous magazines to showcase many more of your wedding photos and to share your love story with guests. You can talk about how you met, your plans for the futures, the members of your wedding party, or even include a small crossword with details about your and your fiancé! Check out their website to see examples of their work: unlikejuliet.com


5. Send a Thank You postcard.

Speaking of thank you cards, sending a Thank You postcard has been a trending practice lately, and what better way to spruce up your postcard than to include a couple more photos for your recipients to see? This is especially thoughtful for guests who were unable to attend your wedding, but sent you a gift anyway. Reward their kind gesture with an expression of gratitude and a glimpse of the bride & groom in all their wedding day glory.


6. Send copies to your parents.

All the love goes to the people who got you where you are today, right? Let your parents (or grandparents!) have a good cry over you two in your beautiful wedding attire by sending them a few already-printed copies of your favorite wedding photos. Their babies are all grown up, and they'll cherish these prints forever. Plus, they really want to frame them and put them somewhere in their own home, anyway. Help them out and they'll definitely be grateful.


What are some of the ways you've seen couples make the most of their wedding day photography? I love seeing photos from your happiest day displayed in your home, so send me some photos of your set-up!


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