Products That Make Traveling So Much Easier

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or total airplane virgin, heading off on a new adventure can be equal parts exciting and stressful. So, it's important to be prepared! Check out my top 10 favorite traveling products; they are sure to rid those anxious jitters and make you feel like a first class flyer. Even better? They are all available on Amazon. 

travel products.jpg

1. Portable Charger, $20

While traveling, my phone doubles as both my security blanket and entertainment. A portable charger ensures that I will never be without power and also provides a sense of reassurance. To me, that's money well spent.

2. Toiletry Bottles, $12

When it comes to traveling, investing in quality toiletry bottles, so that I can use my own shampoo & other sudsy favorites, is a no brainer. These ones come as a bundle (razor + toothbrush covers included!) and are not only leak-proof, but they also abide by the TSA's liquid guidelines. 

3. Luggage Handle Wrap, $10

Too many films begin with luggage mix-ups; don't let that be you! Save yourself the drama, and spot your luggage easily with brightly colored, neoprene luggage handle wraps. My favorites come in packs of five and appeal to those even on the tightest of budgets.

4. Hydroflask, $36

I cannot sing enough praises for my Hydroflask! I own just about every size to suit me on any adventure. These babies are crazy (double-wall vacuum) insulated to keep your cold things cold and hot things hot. And just in case pink doesn't tickle your fancy, they come in a bajillion colors. 

5. Flight Flap, $20

Attaching to most airline seat backs and tray tables, this mount accommodates even the largest tablet or iPad, but is still small enough to pack away. It's perfect for hands-free viewing (and especially handy if you're traveling with kiddos).

6.  Headphone Splitter, $11 

Make new friends on your flight and/or save your travel buddy from watching a silent film. This headphone splitter allows you to share audio from your phone or tablet with up to five other people. 

7. J Travel Pillow, $26

Save yourself from being the laughed-at, open-mouthed-bobble-head that inevitably makes its way onto every flight. Allowing you to twist and contort its shape, the J Travel Pillow is ideal for sleeping upright and is as good as travel pillows come. 

8. Travel Adapter, $13

Travel adapters are a cheap convenience. Use this baby as a charging hub for your phone and laptop, or to power all your go-to beauty gadgets (ahem, blow dryer) while overseas. 

9. Digital Luggage Scale, $10

Forgo the overpriced airport snack, and spend your $10 on a digital luggage scale instead. Your money will get you a lot of mileage by taking the guesswork out of packing your bag and saving yourself both the time and headache of reshuffling items at the airport.  

10. Noise Cancelling Headphones, $349

A total luxury item, these headphones aren't for the faint of heart..but are for those who: plan to take a nap, work on their flight, block out the upset infant on their neighbor's lap, or want to forget they are flying. Basically these are amazing, so if you're feeling spendy, add them to your shopping cart NOW.


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