Oversized Prints Under $20!

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For a while I have felt uninspired by my living room. I’m not huge into decorating, but I knew it needed an update (which is saying something!). I started browsing for some ideas, and came across the old trend of oversized engineering prints. Remember this? Like 5 years ago it was all the rage. Even though the trend may be a bit outdated, I was obsessed with it!!

Choosing which pictures to use was the most difficult part. But after a few instagram polls and several texts to well trusted friends, I decided on these two, and I sent off the order to Staples. Well….I came to find out that Staples has a new policy that doesn’t allow photos to be printed on engineering paper (I would guess because they were loosing money when this was a popular practice). They quoted me $93 FOR EACH PHOTO!!! HA, YA RIGHT! If I was going to spend that amount of money, I would have printed it at a quality print shop. A little research and a few calls around town, and I found out that Fedex (office locations) allows photos on their engineering paper. 20 minutes and $15 later I had 2 GIANT photos.

Now, when I say GIANT…I mean it. These prints are 46x30 in (3.5 ft by 2.5 ft)!! They take up the WHOLE wall. There was no finding frames that big (especially with my budget). Next stop was Home Depot to DIY a frame. I found some trim boards (not super technical). Basically I walked around the lumber section until I found something that was the width that I wanted. I had them cut to the size I needed. Then, I went to Walmart and got some thick foam board. In total, I spent $5 for the material to make the frames.

It was frame assembly time! And of course, I did this at 10:00 at night and was determined to have it done before I went to bed. I first stained the boards with stain we had on hand from other projects. Then I used finishing nails (also had on hand) to connect the pieces. If I were to do this again, I would just use wood glue. It would have been easier and just as secure. I then glued my pictures onto the foam board. I just used hot glue, but white glue or modge podge would have worked fine too! And lastly, I glued the frames I made directly onto the pictures! WALLA! FINITO!

I had a picture frame I was no longer using, so I took the hangers off the back and glued it onto the back of the foam board and hung up my master piece.

I’m OBSESSED with how it turned out! It fills the wall without feeling too cluttered. Plus, it was only $20! How cool is that?!

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