My Top Four Must-Get Shots at Any Wedding

There are some photos during a wedding that 100% you have to get, they're the ones we see all over Pinterest! You know the ones, the first look, the first kiss, the first dance....But I have 4 shots I look for EVERY wedding day, that I can't go without. These shots are not posed, nor are they traditional. If they happen they happen, the trick to getting the perfect shot is to anticipate the moment. So here they are!

1. Grandma's Hug

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This is probably my all time favorite picture to get. These hands hold so much love, so many memories, and so much meaning. They are the hands that made you cookies all those years, and pinched your cheeks. They held you when you were tiny, and now they wrap around you on your wedding day. In these moments I love hearing the quite whisper of grandma's advice in the brides ear. As they pull away I notice the tears welled up in both of their eyes. Oh how powerful this moment is.

2. The Boutonniere

Those little suckers have the HARDEST name to spell!!! HA! Boutonniere's are the easiest thing to go unnoticed, so of course they're on my must have list. The best time to get this shot is when they're being put on. The pins they are secured with cause a lot of fear, so it usually leads to a good picture! Plus, I can get up close and personal without making someone feel awkward about me taking a picture of their chest!

3. The Selfie

I have yet to be at a wedding where a selfie was not taken! I don't think it is even possible nowadays. When the phones come out, I have to act!

4. Mom & Dad

The real, unsung heroes of every wedding day are the parents! They've anxiously awaited this day since you started dating, they've stressed over every detail with you, its as much a celebration for them as it is for you. I always look for a moment between the parents, or between a bride or groom and their parents.

These moments are all about people, love, and connection. They capture the real purpose behind your day! We get the other shots too, but these are the ones that hold the most meaning.