My Three Favorite Engagement Session Client Outfits

One of the things I KNOW my brides stress out a lot over is what to wear to their engagement session. They want to dress the perfect part, a balanced, cohesive look that is both bohemian and urban, both casual and close. My best tip or recommendation when choosing your outfits is that you should dress nicer than you do every day. But whether that means a nice sweater for each of you and some chunky jewelry or a full-on boho vibe with open weave cardigan and Chacos, it’s totally up to you!

My Favorite Engagement Session Client Outfits Logan Utah Engagement Photographer Calli Richards

Since I know some people are looking for a little more direction than that, today I decided to share some of my fool-proof, always-a-winner engagement outfit combinations in case you simply need examples to look off of as you’re making your outfit choices.

The Just Be You

This is where you pick an outfit entirely surrounding your vibe as a couple. It’s probably a bit more laid-back, but it’s still worth grabbing a couple new pieces to feel fancy. But the good news is that these new pieces are totally functional because they’ll fit nicely into the rest of your wardrobe!

The Date Night Classic

This is where you keep it comfortable, by still wearing pants, but you step up your game from what you’d normally wear. Pretend that your boy toy is taking you to a nice dinner, and you want to look stunning, but you’re not committed enough to wear the heals and a dress. Dress him in a sweater or a button up, and wear a bit of jewelry.

The Photographer’s Choice

I love it when my clients are as ready as I am to go adventuring up a mountain or down in a valley by a lake, and the energy behind the eyes of the couple is really apparent when you look at those types of engagement photos. My choice for you is to wear something that you ROCK and feel so confident in, but also allows us to have the adventure of a lifetime as we capture your love. That probably doesn’t look like a dress, and it probably doesn’t look like a suit for your man.

let’s plan an adventure together!


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