My Favorite Boho Headpieces and Crowns

Let’s chat floral crowns. Though currently a raging bridal accessory (that I’m totally on board with), they actually aren’t a new thing. For generations throughout the world, floral crowns have been adorning bride’s hair to symbolize love, fertility and celebration. So along with your something old, new, borrowed, and blue, consider adding a floral crown to your wedding day ensemble. I love the idea of adding something sentimental that you can personalize yourself!

boho headpieces and crowns!.jpg

Whether you’re a traditionalist seeking to keep customs alive, or looking for a customizable statement piece at your wedding, a floral crown might be for you! Check out a few of my favorite headpieces and crowns that speak to my wild, bohemian heart.

  1. Minimalist Leafy Halo


Simplicity can speak volumes, and this crown is turning up the amp. Unruly, yet polished, this vibrant green crown is sending out some earthy vibes while perfectly accenting that lush bouquet and pure white gown.


2. Dainty Flower Headband


Adorning effortless waves, this more dainty headpiece adds the perfect amount of femininity to accomplish a more complete look. Its delicate detail further accentuates the lace in that perfect, boho, goddess-like dress.


3. Floral Halo Crown


Balance. Balance is what makes this bridal look work! With a dress that can only be described as sexy, minimalist-perfection, this bride can afford a more romantic, unkept hairstyle. Add a floral crown into the mix, and the results are more than enchanting.


4. Woven Floral Comb

boho 2.jpg

Have you ever had such a great hair day, that you are almost sad to go to bed because you know that it won’t be the same the next day? Yeah? Well, I’m positive that is how this girl is feeling..unless her hair happens to look this majestic every that case, I don’t want to know about it. But seriously, this look is nothing short of poetic. Perfectly woven into a braid, the hues in this comb add soft earthiness without taking away from the precision of her look.


5. Statement Crown


Need a few seconds to take in the splendor? I’m appropriately naming this one the “Statement Crown.” Everything about the arrangement is so purposeful! That vibrant crimson rose packs a punch (and even matches her deep red lip!), but is offset by the softness of that perfectly arranged greenery. If you’re looking for perfection, this is it.


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