Lydia + Aaron Wedding Day

I asked Lydia to tell me more about her and Aaron’s love story. I’m so excited to share their wedding with you all!

“We met in our singles ward, where we both had cheated and used friends and families addresses to be part of the ward. I had noticed Aaron after he bore his testimony and thought he seemed like someone I wanted to know. We actually ended up matching on one of the stupid dating apps and I tried to make my move but it didn't take. Then I deleted the app because dating apps are the worst! He said he tried to message me but I was gone. The next week we ended up giving talks together. I spoke before him and he tells me he was impressed because I kicked my shoes off and gave my talk barefoot. He says it was a "baller" move. Then it took him a month to gather the courage to ask me out but if you ask him he was just trying to do it in person rather than over the phone. ;) We started dating fast and luckily both of us enjoy quality time together so we've spent most of this time enjoying each others company. He proposed July, 18 after a "production date." It was the most fun and exciting, "live in the movies" experience. I was "kidnapped," rescued and almost married off to another man... BUT my own knight in shinning armor ;) found me and proposed in front of most of our family and friends. I loved every second of it, especially because it means I get to marry my best friend and the kindest man I've ever known.

I'm so blessed to have met Aaron and I am so excited to marry him. I am excited to start and spend our lives growing together.”

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