It's Not Just Another Day

I was scrolling Facebook this morning and came across an article, something along the lines of "15 things no one knows about weddings". Being the wedding expert that I am, I HAD to read it. Number 8 STOPED ME DEAD IN MY TRACKS. I read it, and reread it...trying to grasp what it was saying. It shocked me SO much that I put down my phone and came straight here to write this.

Number 8 said "It's just another day for your vendors". WHAT?!?! It told brides not to send their Pinterest boards to their vendors out of excitement, it told them that their vendors probably don't care about all the details they were thinking of because to the vendors it was just another day. That their wedding day was the same as the one the vendors had yesterday, and the one they will have tomorrow.


Let me tell you right now, if your vendor is not excited about your details and all your visions then you need new vendors.

Sure, this may be another day for us. We've all done many many weddings, and attend them regularly. All this means to me is that I am prepared for whatever challenge stands in my way for the day. It means I know how to efficiently do family portraits, and I don't have to spend time thinking about the basics of my trade, instead I can just focus on capturing the moments. While I have been to many weddings, I have never been to YOUR wedding. 

I have heard many vows, but never have I heard YOUR vows. I have seen many first dances, but I have never seen YOUR first dance. I haven't seen your Cousin Mike busting it on the dance floor, or your new husband squeezing your hand so tight during vows, or your bridesmaids buzzing with excitement in the bridal suite. ALL THESE THINGS ARE UNIQUE TO YOUR WEDDING.

Your wedding day is important to me. I want to get all of your wedding planning texts, I want to hear all about when you get your dress back for the final time. Because guess what, I'M PROBABLY JUST AS EXCITED AS YOU ARE! When your mom is crying in the front row, I'm tearing up behind my camera. When you're leaving for the night, I'm bummed because I didn't want the party to end. 

So believe me when I say, your wedding day is not just another day to me. It is YOUR day. And I can't wait to celebrate it your way, and capture the memories that are unique to YOU! And if you look at the right time, close enough, you will see me wiping away my tears behind my camera...because, I care.