I bought Instagram Followers....


It’s true, I did. I bought Instagram followers.

I didn’t buy them to look more popular, or to become an influencer. I didn’t buy them to scam people, to gain credibility, or to boost my self-esteem. I just…bought them. With no motives.

A few months ago I laid in bed tossing and turning as the minutes on my alarm clock dragged by. With every passing minute I still couldn’t fall asleep and around 12:30 I gave up trying. I pulled out my phone, and started browsing Instagram and googling the random ideas that popped into my head. Earlier that day I had been talking to someone about the practice of buying instagram followers, the conversation came back to me so I pulled up the safari app and typed “buy instagram followers” into the search bar.

Blog post after blog post popped up of why you shouldn’t, but how you could. I was just interested, intrigued. That was all. I found a few different sites that offered “real” instagram followers among those blog posts warning against it. Well you see, it was late enough in the night that my sense of should and shouldn’t was long gone (which is the whole reason I deleted the amazon app from my phone because too many times I’d wake up from a late night of zombie phone scrolling to find a new balance on my credit card). And, I bought followers. I bought about 2,000 followers, enough to get the swipe up feature and a K behind my name.

And that was it. Finally I fell asleep and woke up the next morning and went on with my life. For months I just kept living my life…until today. Today enough of either my real followers or those fake followers unfollowed me and the K left. And guess what? My world didn’t come to an end, I wasn’t devastated, and I wasn’t worried. It was just a “huh” kind of moment.

So why am I writing this? Why am I telling you after all these months that I bought Instagram followers?

Because it’s JUST numbers

Thats it. This little number next to your name means nothing. It doesn’t show how totally cool you are, how great of a friend you are, how artistic you are. It doesn’t tell people at ALL who you are. It is just a number.

But behind each of those numbers is someone equally as insanely cool as you. Someone who loves you and appreciates you. Someone who double taps your photos, someone who laughs at your stories. And guess what? Those are REAL people.

In the last few months I’ve met SO many of my REAL followers in REAL LIFE. And every time I am completely blown away at how much I love them. Like REAL love. I feel like I could talk to them FOR HOURS, and often times I’m sad they have to leave.

So now, I’m going through and removing the fake followers. I want my instagram account to be full of REAL people I can meet and REAL friends. It’s quite the process!

This little app, and those little numbers mean nothing. Until you think about the people behind the screens. The people on the other side of your story, watching you talk about your day.

So really, this post isn’t a warning to not buy followers, or an inspirational story about how much I learned. It’s a PSA. Because YOU DESERVE MORE THAN BASING YOUR SELF-ESTEEM ON A NUMBER. You deserve more out of this app than just pretty pictures and endless hours of scrolling.

That is all.