How Traveling Strengthens Your Marriage

My husband and I are coming up on our SECOND wedding anniversary, and in that short period of time, we’ve been on a bajillion trips together, both in and out of the country. Traveling with your sweetheart can be such a tender, romantic thing, but when you travel as frequently as we do, it actually turns into a crash course on communication and conflict resolution. In a good way, always a good way.

traveling with your spouse will help strengthen your marriage by teaching you communication skills and allowing you to grow closer together

We love traveling so much and love to share all about our travels because we do it in a way that doesn’t break the bank. One of the biggest questions I get all the time is how we find the time or money to travel so frequently, and while that’s another post topic entirely, it actually falls hand-in-hand with what I wanted to talk about today.

Traveling with your spouse allows you several unique opportunities for growing as individuals and as a couple. Take a look at what I’ve learned below and if that doesn’t make you want to run away together as globetrotting romantics, I don’t know what will.

Using an agreed-upon travel budget shows respect for each other and our mutual goals.

Most newlyweds hit this point of understanding fairly soon after the wedding where all of a sudden they realize that finances need to be communicated and shared. No more weekend retail therapy when hubby’s saving for grad school. The latest video game will probably need to stay on the shelf at the game store until you get a handle on all the rent and deposits and bills that you’ve both taken on, together.

Very early on, Matt and I established that (a) travel was a priority for both of us and (b) that we respected each other and ourselves enough to not put any large amount of pressure or burden on our budget by traveling irresponsibly. We started to set aside a small amount every month dedicated exclusively for planning trips, and it was well within our budget to do so at that small increment. This travel budget allows us to spend quality time together that we need without stressing either of us out financially.

You have the opportunity to explore new places, together.

Whenever we go somewhere that one of us has been before, that person kind of acts as a tour guide, and the other relies heavily on the repeat visitor’s guidance to get around. When we travel somewhere new, however, we each kind of take on some ownership and responsibility to do the research on the place we’re visiting and find good deals and places we want to see.

We learn to trust each other’s judgement, too, because we tend to be “off-the-beaten-path” explorers, and it comes in handy to have a second person to bounce ideas off of and to adventure with.

We get to benefit from quality time spent together in a fun setting.

Traveling together is dedicating time to focus on just you two. No one has to wake up at 7:00am for work the next day, and neither of you need to worry about who did the dishes last. You can simply be together and enjoy the activities you have planned.

Vacations are a time for relaxation, and while they say that you should strive to make your normal, everyday life feel like a vacation, you’ll never fully achieve that level of “we have no obligations to anyone today” freedom until you dedicate time away from home.

Make it a priority to take a well-deserved break from your daily life to go somewhere new and exciting with your spouse and you won’t regret it! Traveling has always been a great way for me and Matthew to further our relationship, and it’s one of the things I look forward to most of all whenever we book a new trip.

let’s plan an adventure together!


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