How to Prepare for your Formal Photography Session

  • Set up a hair and makeup appointment! It is 100% worth it. Good hair and makeup make a world of difference, I highly suggest it. Plus, it makes the day just that much more fun!

  • Arrange with your florist to have a bouquet during bridals.

  • Double check with your dress vendor your dress will be ready by your bridal date.

  • If we’re doing a first look, have the groom arrive first. We’ll get him situated, then bring the bride in.

  • Be sure to wear your rings!

  • Get in a good mood! This is going to be so fun. Jam to your favorite song, eat your favorite lunch, do what it takes! No stress here!

  • You are more than welcome to bring a family member to help out, but please limit it to one person. It is hard for you to be in the moment with your fiance when you have a crowd. I know it is exciting and everyone wants to join in, but your wedding day isn’t too far away!! It is 100% okay for it to be just you and your fiance. I have a very keen eye and I can catch the out of place hairs, the dress askew, and the little details!