How 3 Seconds Changed My Life

When I moved to college, I knew no one. And I was really struggling to make good friends. I grew up in a small town, where I had the same friends since kindergarten. I didn't really need to know how to make new friends. When I got to school I realized there are so many different people in the world, and I didn't have to be everyone's friend (unlike high school where options were more limited). I felt like everyone else had moved to college with someone, they all already had friends! I bounced around from group to group trying to find people I enjoyed. I learned so much about myself and who I really was during this. But I still didn't have friends.

About a month had gone by since I moved to school, and I finally started praying for help to find good friends. Friends that would help me become the person I wanted to be, they would uplift me, and would love me the way that I would love them. 

Two days later, it was Friday night. I had walked to my friend's apartment to see if they were home, but they had gone to their parent's for the weekend. I started to walk back to my own apartment, when I got to my door I saw the door of apartment directly across from mine was open and there were people talking in the doorway. I turned back towards my door and took half a step when I very clearly remembered a quote I had heard a while back. "It only takes 3 second of insane courage". I knew that this was Heavenly Father answering my prayer, but that I still needed to do the work.

So I took a deep breath and I counted to three.

I turned around, and walked towards the door. I walked up, and I said "Hey, is this where the party is at?" I felt like an idiot, why did I choose THAT to say?!! Luckily the guy in the door thought it was funny and invited me in. That's how I met my best friends, and my husband Matt. From that first night we all became good friends, through the years we have all gotten married around the same time and have made so many memories together!!

3 seconds changed my life! Those 3 seconds introduced me to my husband, to my friends, and propelled me into a future I didn't think was possible. I'm so grateful that our God is so mindful of us, and so aware of our needs. What could 3 seconds change in your life?