Four Reasons to Work With a Professional Wedding Paper Suite Designer

Planning a wedding is such a HUGE daunting task, especially if you're doing it in less than a year. It's not like you have all the free time in the world to sit down with vendors, make phone calls, brainstorm decor, and follow up. If you're smart, you'll ask for some help and suggestions and let those that are offering take over some aspects. Luckily, I've been to approximately a billion weddings and I have a little secret for you. There is one particular type of wedding vendor that I find to be really underutilized here in Utah, but that I believe can be a huge time-saving, and budget-saving, addition to your wedding, and that's a professional paper suite designer.


Graphic designers, or wedding graphic designers, or paper suite designers, are the talented artists who come up with the invitations, save the dates, and/or thank you cards that you send out to your guests to recognize their support and contribution to you getting where you are in life. I think these professional wedding vendors get skipped over with low budget weddings often, but I couldn't even begin to explain how big a mistake that is. Actually, I can begin, and that's what I'll do here:

1. Outsourcing is a good thing.

Hiring a professional to do something that would take any amount of time, stress, and resources for you to do is a really valid choice. You can work on your own invites and thank you cards, but they won't make your wedding stand out, or they might not look as grandiose as you were hoping your wedding would be. Your big day can be so much more when you've announced it with some beautiful, custom designs, on quality materials, with all the details clearly defined.

2. This ain't their first rodeo.

Another reason a professional designer can really save your bacon is that they've done the whole wedding announcement thing a time or two before. They know what information should be included on each type of insert, the proper way to word certain details, and what crosses the line into "tacky" when it comes down to what you should include on your invites. A designer will help you stay within the realm of elegant and classy to avoid a cheap announcement bound for the garbage. Wouldn't it be so lovely to hear all the compliments from people who save your announcement because it is so beautiful, and to not have to answer a million texts about the details of your wedding day from people who misplaced the hodgepodge announcements you sent out?

3. They can provide more than just your invites.

Creating a whole suite of custom, coordinated paper materials to send to your guests, friends, and family is just another bonus from hiring a professional graphic designer. It's the little things that make or break a big event like a wedding, and people will notice when the save the date, wedding announcement, programs, table cards, and thank you notes all coordinate and exemplify the same cohesiveness of the theme or style of your wedding. By designing all these things in one place and ordering at the same time, you can also save a bundle in design fees and shipping! Who doesn't love a good savings when it comes to planning a wedding?

4. They know the industry. 

One of the most important reasons for hiring a professional wedding paper suite designer is all the connections they have in the wedding industry. You never know when you're going to need a referral for some aspect of your wedding, and since wedding suite designers work on so many weddings in a year, they've likely come to learn a thing or two about who to talk to, where to go for certain things, or how the event should take place. This is valuable information, not unlike the info I can provide my brides as a professional wedding photographer. Us wedding professionals know our stuff. It's info you couldn't possibly have learned in your time planning your wedding, so you'd be lucky to have someone like a professional designer with an entire network to turn to.

As much as I love photographing my couples and their weddings for the people and for their love, my heart really does get giddy when I see the perfectly coordinated details. My friend Rachel from The Bloom Design Company has been designing wedding suites for years and is my trusted expert to whom I always refer on these matters. Send her an email if you're interested in starting a project for your own wedding! I'd love for you to have that wedding of your dreams and to get to work with an experienced wedding industry professional like a graphic designer to create a custom paper suite just for you for your upcoming wedding that you'll cherish forever!


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