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Last year I finally was into my major, and I started seeing the same people over and over again. Eric was one of them. Last fall we had 3 classes together! Believe it or not, in the classroom I can be kind of shy. I usually just kept to myself, and didn't make a big deal about being there. Eric is probably the opposite! Everyone knows him, he is super involved, and very loud!! One day I ended up sitting next to him, and then I started seeing him in all my classes so we sat next to each other in every class. We were constantly whispering jokes in the back of the room, he made class a ton of fun! We both graduated in the spring, and Eric was admitted into the USU HR Masters program! I'm so dang excited for him!! 

I learned Eric was dating Dani sometime after Spring Break. I actually had secret plans to set Eric up with someone else in our classes, so this news put an abrupt halt on those plans!! I asked Eric a million questions about Dani, because she had to be pretty amazing since Eric was dating her! ;) He told me even back then that he was pretty sure he was going to marry her. And guess what?! HE IS!!! I had so much fun meeting Dani and taking their engagement pictures. Dani is absolutely perfect for Eric. I'm so excited for them and all the adventures life will take them on! 

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