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Devin and Katie met on a blind date! Katie was living in Provo and Devin was in Ogden. They met in the middle in Sandy with a group of his friends, including the one who set them up! She was Devin's good friend and one of Katie’s favorite mission companions! They went to the classic fun center where they played arcade games, laser tag, and bounced on the bouncy houses! Katie and Devin even got a best friends heart necklace with all the tokens they had won from the arcade games (HOW CUTE IS THAT?!)! If you ask Devin, he'll say that he was already falling in love with Katie by the time the date was over. After that date, they didn't see each other for a month, but they talked nearly every day through snapchat and texts! Their second date was a trip to temple square to see the lights in Salt Lake City. Devin drove all the way down to Provo from Ogden to ride the tracks up to Salt Lake with Katie, to see the lights. Katie knew after that date that she really liked Devin and she really wanted to keep seeing and talking to him! And from there, you could basically say the rest was history! They started seeing each other every weekend and even during the week when time would permit! Devin was the first one to say 'I Love You', it took Katie a little longer, but eventually she came to and said it back during a trip to Vegas to see her family! After that, wedding talk became natural, and they planned another trip to Vegas so Devin could ask Katie’s father for my hand! While down there, they decided to go walk around the LDS Temple. They started walking around and as they came to the back by the fountains they came upon a blanket with tea candles and roses. You know what comes next! Devin got down on one knee, popped the question, and Katie said yes!!

Devin and Katie’s wedding day was a HOT one!! At one point it was 109 in the Vegas sun. But that didn’t stop anyone from having a blast! They served pizza at their reception (which you already know I was a huge fan of), and everyone danced the night away! Their dance party is only rivaled by few! They’re such a great couple, and I can’t wait to see the life they build!! CONGRATS KATIE AND DEVIN!!

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