Alex + Sarah Formals | Logan, Utah Wedding Photographer

What happens when plans to go up the most beautiful mountain top gets ruined by terrible traffic? You find an even better mountain! Or at least, this time we did. Sarah and Alex drove separately to their session. Sarah just barley missed the traffic, but poor Alex got caught. As we waited for Alex, Sarah and her mom and I ate some ice cream and had such a great time just hanging out! This could have been a evening ruined with stress and pressure...but we made the best of a less than ideal situation. The evening ended up being even more perfect than planned, and these photos are to die for!

I figure you can stress about something you can't change and ruin an evening...or you can go with the flow and know that it's all going to work out! There's no reason to stress about things you can't control! I'm glad we had the time to sit and chat, I know I really needed that!

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logan utah wedding photographer spinning laughing dancing mountain formals

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