7 Fall Traditions I Never Miss

Weather your ideal season encourages skinny dipping, calls for hibernation under a knitted blanket, or is even one where “all you need is a light jacket” (really hoping you know which movie I am referencing), there is much to look forward to year round. So, I hope that you will take advantage of some of my never-miss fall traditions. I promise that they will make even you summer-mourners fully embrace the splendor that is, “fall.”


1. Pumpkin Patch - With so much goodness packed into one outing, a trip to the pumpkin patch makes it to the tippy-top of my fall to-do list. It is norm for most venues to include amenities such as corn mazes, hayrides, slides, farm animals, & cheap by-the-pound pumpkin prices. The inexpensive admission prices further add to the draw. So, whether you’re out with your girlfriends, on a cutesy seasonal date, or making memories with your young family, a trip to the pumpkin patch is a sure win.

2. Apple Picking - Half of fall’s allure revolves around the all-spice added into every baked treat. And when said “baked-treat” is fresh from the tree, your taste buds are sure to sing. So be sure to add apple picking to your weekend to-do list. Your stomach & family photo album (because is there anything more picturesque than an apple orchard?) will thank you.

3. Bonfire - When a certain refreshing crispness graces the air, I know that autumn has arrived. I love that cool feeling whispering against my skin. That feeling is amplified by the warmth of a bonfire glowing on your face. Add nature’s brilliant fall hues, the smokey air (am I the only one who loves the smell of embers?), a marshmallow in your mouth, and cuddling with someone cute? There really is nothing better.

4. Haunted House - It nearly takes me a whole year for my heart to stop thudding & to replenish my courage, but when the year-mark rolls around, there is no question as to weather I will go again. Haunted houses are exhilarating, comical, and dang fun. And boys, if you’re looking for an excuse to have a girl cling to your hand, look no further.

5. Pumpkin Treats - Need I say more? Throw some chocolate chips into the mix, and I swear the stars align.

6. Pumpkin Carving - Embrace the mess; the slime & gore is all part of the fun! For some added spirit, crank up your favorite Halloween classic. Then with a spoon in one hand, and knife in the other, you are fully equipped to create your doorstep’s newest accessory.

7. Hammocking - If you’re up for adding a little granola into your life, then this is for you! The serenity of the sunlight peeking through those brilliant fall leaves is unbeatable, making the fall my favorite time to hammock

let’s plan an adventure together!


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