5 Tips For Planning An Awesome Honeymoon

Let’s be honest here, the best part about planning a wedding is getting to plan the honeymoon! You can’t wait to travel with your new spouse and celebrate together!! But with so many options, and limited time, it can be difficult to plan. I LOVE to plan trips, which kind of makes me an expert in honeymoon planning! Here are my best tips to planning a honeymoon you’ll both love!

1. Decide on a Budget

DO THIS FIRST! It’s even harder to decide where to go when you don’t have a budget. But don’t just pull a number out of thin air! Look at how much you can realistically save monthly from your current budget, and multiply that by the amount of months left before you leave. Set this money aside so you have the money already ready! Don’t start your marriage in debt just for one awesome trip!! When you have your budget you’ll be able to see where you can afford to go.

2. Sign up for flight alerts!

Im subscribed to so many flight alerts that I could justifiably be called crazy! But this is how we travel so cheap!! Sign up from the airline themselves, but also be sure to check out Pomelo, Skyscanner, and the like. Keep an eye on these. Know your “buy by date” (the day you need to have a flight booked by. Usually a month before for domestic, somewhere near 2.5 for international)  and then be patient. Keep an eye on these emails and alerts regularly, then when you see a deal you can’t pass up go for it! Don’t start worrying too much until you’re close to your buy by date. As you look at these flight options, don’t forget to look at hotel prices and cost of activities there. You may save on flights but these things could drive up the cost of the trip so fast!

3. Ask around

Your friends and family might have some great resources! Such as lake houses, condos, timeshares, etc. Just a quick post on Facebook could bring some great options!! Don’t be afraid to ask, the worst they could say is no. 

4. Ask someone else to plan it for you

If both of you don’t care too much where you go and aren’t big fans of planning, ask a loved one to plan your honeymoon for you! This makes is a fun surprise for both of you. Give someone your budget, and a list of likes/dislikes and set the worry aside. If you have a friend like me who LOVES to plan trips, I’m sure they’d be so excited to do this for you! There are also companies that offer this service.

5. Finding activities

The best part about vacationing is exploring the new area. Do lots of research online to see what people say is fun in that area, look on Groupon, etc! A good rule of thumb is to plan one excursion type of thing a day. The key to planning a honeymoon is to leave your schedule flexible. Allow yourself to play it day by day, doing more if you’d like or spending more time relaxing!  

Dont feel like you have to go all out on your honeymoon! You will have more chances to travel throughout your marriage, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. But also give yourself permission to splurge a little! Find a balance you’re both happy with. No matter what, as long as you’re together you’ll have a good time!

Congratulations and happy planning!