21 Things I've Learned in 21 Years

Whoop Whoop!!! Today is my 21st birthday! 


I'm not really a huge birthday person, it's kind of just another day. But this year I decided to let myself get a little bit excited for it, BECAUSE IT'S MY 21ST! So here we go, I'm making a big deal out of my birthday and here are 21 things I've learned in my (short) 21 years!

1. Age doesn't matter! I'm starting out with this one because it is the most prevalent, I use to be embarrassed about my young age but I don't let age be a determining factor anymore! Who cares how old or how young you are, get out there and achieve your dreams!

2. There's a balance between making things happen and waiting for things to happen. I've only recently learned this...and I have yet to find a balance. Maybe next year?

3. Being stressed just waists your life. I stress out about EVERYTHING. Seriously. In high school I got so sick that I couldn't eat I was so stressed out. I'm trying to realize that stress is a harmful feeling and isn't beneficial.

4. A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet. I have met some of the greatest people from online, in the grocery store, or on the bus! New friends are everywhere.

5. Pizza is a gift from the Gods. There's no situation I can think of that pizza is not an appropriate meal. I've even seen it at a wedding!

6. The world is cool. We've gotten to travel A LOT lately!! Everywhere we go I am amazed by how beautiful it is, the world is a beautiful place.

7. Karma is real. Do something good and it will come back to you. Guaranteed, everytime.

8. Home is my favorite place. We've been all over, yet snuggling up on our couch is my all time favorite place to be.

9. I'm kind of goofy, and that's ok! I like to dance in public, I sing my heart out in the car, and you never know what's going to come out of my mouth. It's just who I am, and I like it.

10. Deleting the amazon app from your phone will save a lot of money! It's a scientific fact.

11. Life is sweeter with your best friend by your side. I couldn't imagine doing half the things I've done if it weren't for Matthew!

12. People matter the most to me. I could be living in a dirt hut, but as long as I had my loved ones still in my life I would be the happiest. I value my relationships more than anything else.

13. You can achieve your goals by working hard. It's true!

14. All you need is 3 seconds of courage. The night I met Matt I counted to 3 and took the first step towards his apartment door.

15. It's okay to put off folding laundry for an adventure. I'm really good at this!!

16. Life doesn't go according to plan! But that doesn't mean you can't have one. Just a flexible one.

17.  Chacos are the only shoes anyone should own. They are the only shoes I can be all day on my feet in and they don't give me blisters or make my knees hurt! Plus they look good dressed up or down ;)

18. Being present is the best gift you can give yourself. Putting down your phone and enjoying the moment your in is better than any update you'll see on social media. I'm still working on teaching myself this, but the times I do I'm so glad I did!

19. Put God first. I feel like this one doesn't necessarily need an explanation, but I've always noticed in my life when I'm putting God first in my life everything goes right.

20. ALWAYS keep napkins in your car. Always.

21. LIFE IS GOOD! If you want life to be good, it will be good. If you want it to be bad, it will be. Life is all about what you make it, and I decide to make it oh so good!