James + Kaitlyn Wedding Day | Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer

This wedding day was a fun one for me! Kaitlyn and I grew up in the same home town, she’s a few years older than me so I looked up to her a lot. Kaitlyn is extremely kind, she cares about everyone around her. She has the strongest faith, and is very selfless. I’ve noticed these things from afar for many years! When I was twelve my parents hired Kaitlyn to help take us to our evening sports practices while they were busy, I thought I was SO cool to have Kaitlyn drop me off instead of my parents! HAHA! So needless to say, when Kaitlyn got ahold of me I was extremely honored. James and Kaitlyn got married February 24 in the Portland LDS Temple. They were surrounded by so many loved ones, there was definitely not a shortage of laughs and love! Their day was perfect! They lucked out and snagged one of the few sunny days the PNW gives in February. I'm so happy for James and Kaitlyn! I can't wait to see the life they build together.