HI! I'm Calli

calli richards logan utah adventure photographer

Helllllloooooooo!!! I know I have an “about me” portion of my website, but I am a SUPER nosey person…and I know I can’t be the only one! So, here's a little more about me!

I started photography only two years ago. I mean, I always had a little camera and always liked taking pictures, but two years ago I decided to get real. I bought a pretty nice camera to start, and I taught myself everything I know. I’ve spent a ton of time on YouTube University ;) and I shadowed any photographer that would let me! I’ve always thought I was creative, but I really suck at SO many art mediums. I love the way my camera allows me to express my artistic tendencies! I love the freedom owning my own business brings, and I especially LOVE all the people I get to meet through it.

When I’m not stuck behind my computer or working with clients, you can almost ALWAYS find me outdoors. I love spending time outside, exploring this beautiful world. We do everything from snowboarding to hiking and just about everything in between. Outside is where I feel most at home, and feel most at peace.


Matthew and I have the taste buds of your common 5 year old. We LOVE pizza, French fries, and all things sweet! Should we eat healthier? Yes. But do we? Uhm….no… Oh well!

Speaking of Matthew, I guess I should introduce him too! Matthew and I met our Freshman year of college. We were next door neighbors, our doors were literally 7 steps from each other, we became instant best friends! I always kind of had a crush on him, but I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. When I finally convinced him to teach me how to snowboard, I knew it was all over. We went on our first official date after that and it just never really ended! Matthew is studying Finance at Utah State.

calli richards matt richards outdoor photographer

We love to travel together! Trust me, I definitely know every millennial says that. But it’s true! We love love love exploring new cities, new states, and occasionally even countries. Together we’ve traveled to 14 states together since we got married just a little under a year ago, and 2 countries. We’re adding to those stats one trip at a time! We’ve gone to big cities, and even bigger national parks. While both of us enjoy an evening in the city, one night is about all we can handle! Give us a tent under a field of stars, and a mountain to explore and we’ll be our happiest. No memories beat those made in the great outdoors (like that one time we bathed in an ICE cold river in the Tetons, or the time we heard coyotes run by us in the middle of the Arizona desert).


I am a HUGE people person! I really love meeting new people, and building new friendships. My heart is most full when my living room is packed with loved ones. My love language is DEFINITELY quality time. I am a middle of the room kind of person, while Matthew is a side of the room type. We balance each other out very well!

Well, that’s about all I can think of!!! If you’re ready to be BFF’s, send me a message, because you already know I’m so down!! Thanks for being here and following along.