Wedding Planning Timeline | 7 Months Before

We’re nearing the six month mark! It’s almost crunch time, but if you’ve been following along with my wedding planning tips in the timeline I outlined, you’ve likely been getting plenty taken care. No need to stress! Today, I’m outlining the wedding planning checklist items that I recommend figuring out approximately seven months before your wedding.

checklist wedding planning items seven months before your wedding

First, let’s get with the venue and figure out what sort of things they’ll take care, in the way of tables, chairs, marquees and tents, etc. And then find an equipment rental place and reserve everything else you need. Most venues will have table and chair solutions for you, or at least some recommendations for local businesses that they love to work with, but it’s best not to wait until too close to the wedding (or the day of!) to find out that no one bothered to reserve chairs through the event venue coordinator.

You should also start planning and booking your honeymoon well in advance. This gives you ample time to research flights and claim travel deals before things get too hectic with wedding planning. If you’re not big on making all the tiny little choices when it comes to travel, then hire a travel agency to plan the trip for you! I’m big on outsourcing when it comes to wedding planning, and this could easily be one less thing you have to do and save you a lot of time.

Time to feel fancy! Around this time, you should start researching hair and make-up artists and schedule a trial with your beauty team. As you’re getting your engagements and bridal photos done, too, consider having the same team work on dolling you up. You’ll develop a much closer relationship by the time your wedding rolls around and it will make the day that much more special knowing you have the real love and support of your entire getting-ready team!

Another thing you’ll get to outsource is obviously planning the bachelor and bachelorette parties! The only part you may really need to be involved in is setting the dates and getting some gifts for the wedding party members. If you’ve got girlfriends and guy friends who are willing, let them plan a fun evening or getaway weekend that spoils you, just a bit before the wedding, to hopefully relax and remove some of those pre-wedding jitters by spending some fun times with your friends.

My last recommendation for this period of time is to schedule your transportation for the big day. Just like your tables and chairs, this is a make-or-break piece of the wedding day that you do NOT want to miss out on, heaven forbid you be late to your own wedding! It’s a super simple phone call to schedule, and then you’re done. Assign a member of the wedding party to follow up the week before, but beside that, it’s an easy task that keeps you on schedule for all the other wedding planning tasks, without getting overwhelmed.

Stay tuned for more wedding planning tips and to see my suggestions for things you can be working on next, about six month before your wedding day!

let’s plan an adventure together!


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Jess Senior Photos

professional chicago illinois senior photographer park grass
city scape senior photographer chicago illinois dock
professional chicago illinois senior portrait photographer marble staircase happy playful
city scape senior portraits laughing playful chicago illinois professional photographer
city scape sky scraper senior portrait photographer denim skirt busy street playful smile

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My Favorite Go-To Outfits for Traveling

Before I started traveling all the time, I NEVER knew what to wear while traveling or even when it came to packing for my trip. I would always tend to “over-pack”, or even dress in lots of layers because I never knew whether I’d be cold or hot and I kind of panicked at the thought of not being able to immediately solve that problem by bringing along a coat or shedding a few layers. The result was that I was always lugging an extra suitcase and one too many jackets or coats around the airport.

My Favorite go-to outfits for traveling on all of my adventures around the world

Now that I’ve had so many successful, adventurous travels under my belt, I’ve been able to develop a sense of “travel style”. I know myself and I know what my go-to pieces are going to be, and I’ve even had the chance to purge my closet for Juni, which helps me pack more purposefully with pieces I already know I’m going to love to wear on my trip.

Today, I’m sharing my three favorite outfits for traveling (whether by plane, car, train, or boat) and why you should make these your go-to travel outfits for your next big trip!

Keep it Basic

I’m a big fan of “basic” pieces because they’re so easy to pair; you can dress them up for a night on the town after you arrive at your destination or throw on some sweats to stay comfy for the road. Lately, I’ve been turning to a lot of our Juni products to stay comfortable, but fashionable while traveling, including this basic tee (available in white and a deep blue/grey), these Kan Can jeans, and usually a fun neckerchief to keep it classy.

go to essentials for traveling keep it classy and comfortable with this favorite traveling outfits

Dress for Cooler Weather

If you’re traveling somewhere cooler or in an airplane - where I usually tend to get a little cold - I like to pack light sweaters like this one. They’re perfect for wearing on a cooler day without needing to bring an extra jacket, but as soon as the temperature drops even more, they’re light enough to wear under your coat without feeling like you’re going to burst out of all the bulkiness.

perfect lightweight sweater for the beach or for fall sweater weather the best outfits for traveling on the road or on an airplane

My Signature Travel Look

If there is one piece I never travel without, it’s this denim jacket. I’m a firm believer that everyone should have at least one denim jacket in their wardrobe. The magic of this type of jacket is that you can stay warm OR cool while wrapped in its folds. It sounds crazy, but something about that denim fabric helps me stay comfortable in a pretty wide range of temperatures, so it always makes its way into my carry-on or back seat as I’m driving to my next adventure.

It’s another one of those pieces that is ultra-versatile, too, so it goes with almost every outfit I may bring along on my trip!

the perfect jacket for traveling is a denim jacket it is cozy and warm while keeping you protected from the hot sun

What are your go-to pieces for traveling?

let’s plan an adventure together!


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Kody + Morgan Formals

Antelope Island Salt Lake City utah lace wedding dress pink bouquet sunset
floral wedding tie suit buttons antelope island salt lake city utah formal photographer
running holding hands romantic playful sunset antelope island salt lake city professional wedding formal photographer barefoot
professional salt lake city wedding photographer long veil sand antelope island clear skies kissing romantic
first look long veil lace wedding dress antelope island great salt lake clear blue skies best formal photographer in utah valley

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Wedding Planning Timeline | 8 Months Before

As you move closer to your wedding, remember that it’s just a day. It’s a grand, special day that you’ll always remember, but it’s JUST a day to celebrate you and your spouse. Don’t let the stress of planning and preparation keep you from enjoying this season of life, your last few months before you tie the knot! I’m sharing today a few of the things I’ve designated on our ultimate wedding planning timeline that you could be taking care of this month, eight months before your wedding day.

wedding planning timeline checklist things to do eight months before your wedding day

Pay attention to the distance your expected guest list will have to travel to attend your wedding, and consider coordinating with some local hotels to block out some rooms reserved for your guests to book. This is a little touch of convenience that will make things so much easier for your guests, and they’ll be grateful! It’s this consideration that will confirm your status as a good host, and all it takes is a quick phone call or two.

One more exciting thing you can finally get started on: chatting with your florist. Come to your initial meeting or phone call with plenty of ideas for the direction you want to go, but also an open mind to be able to trust the guidance of your expert vendor. After all, they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that they know the best recommendations for you and your wedding depending on the season, location, and bridal party.

This next step can be such a stressful thing for a lot of brides, but really, it shouldn’t be! This is around when you should be thinking about and choosing a wedding cake. Sample a few varieties from your caterer or local bakery once you’ve chosen the best experts for the job. And keep in mind that the simple flavors are definitely more crowd pleasers! From all the weddings I’ve attended, I have a pretty good handle on what flies with most guests, and the fancier, flashier cake options always seem tasty, but don’t vibe as well with the reception attendees.

While you’re in the food and catering mindset, you can also be taste testing food options and wines or other refreshments to serve on your big day. Shop around to find the flavors that best fit you and your wedding style, and don’t be afraid to keep it simple! I would recommend you shoot for something less casual than what you’d expect at a birthday party or barbecue, but not as fancy as a seated, anniversary dinner, especially if you have a more family-friendly crowd in attendance.

Lastly, use this time before things get REALLY crazy to pick out your wedding stationery. You can find a friend to help you design something yourself and get it printed at your local printer, order something online through a template site, or hire a professional calligraphy artist or paper suite designer to create a custom look for your invitations that suits your wedding style! (And if you’re looking for a super unique way to announce your wedding or showcase the order of events on the big day, check out my friends Betsy and Rachel at Unlike Juliet who design custom wedding magazine invitations and programs!)

Stay tuned for more wedding planning tips and to see my suggestions for things you can be working on next, about seven month before your wedding day!

let’s plan an adventure together!


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I bought Instagram Followers....


It’s true, I did. I bought Instagram followers.

I didn’t buy them to look more popular, or to become an influencer. I didn’t buy them to scam people, to gain credibility, or to boost my self-esteem. I just…bought them. With no motives.

A few months ago I laid in bed tossing and turning as the minutes on my alarm clock dragged by. With every passing minute I still couldn’t fall asleep and around 12:30 I gave up trying. I pulled out my phone, and started browsing Instagram and googling the random ideas that popped into my head. Earlier that day I had been talking to someone about the practice of buying instagram followers, the conversation came back to me so I pulled up the safari app and typed “buy instagram followers” into the search bar.

Blog post after blog post popped up of why you shouldn’t, but how you could. I was just interested, intrigued. That was all. I found a few different sites that offered “real” instagram followers among those blog posts warning against it. Well you see, it was late enough in the night that my sense of should and shouldn’t was long gone (which is the whole reason I deleted the amazon app from my phone because too many times I’d wake up from a late night of zombie phone scrolling to find a new balance on my credit card). And, I bought followers. I bought about 2,000 followers, enough to get the swipe up feature and a K behind my name.

And that was it. Finally I fell asleep and woke up the next morning and went on with my life. For months I just kept living my life…until today. Today enough of either my real followers or those fake followers unfollowed me and the K left. And guess what? My world didn’t come to an end, I wasn’t devastated, and I wasn’t worried. It was just a “huh” kind of moment.

So why am I writing this? Why am I telling you after all these months that I bought Instagram followers?

Because it’s JUST numbers

Thats it. This little number next to your name means nothing. It doesn’t show how totally cool you are, how great of a friend you are, how artistic you are. It doesn’t tell people at ALL who you are. It is just a number.

But behind each of those numbers is someone equally as insanely cool as you. Someone who loves you and appreciates you. Someone who double taps your photos, someone who laughs at your stories. And guess what? Those are REAL people.

In the last few months I’ve met SO many of my REAL followers in REAL LIFE. And every time I am completely blown away at how much I love them. Like REAL love. I feel like I could talk to them FOR HOURS, and often times I’m sad they have to leave.

So now, I’m going through and removing the fake followers. I want my instagram account to be full of REAL people I can meet and REAL friends. It’s quite the process!

This little app, and those little numbers mean nothing. Until you think about the people behind the screens. The people on the other side of your story, watching you talk about your day.

So really, this post isn’t a warning to not buy followers, or an inspirational story about how much I learned. It’s a PSA. Because YOU DESERVE MORE THAN BASING YOUR SELF-ESTEEM ON A NUMBER. You deserve more out of this app than just pretty pictures and endless hours of scrolling.

That is all.


Lydia + Aaron Formals

professional formal photographer ogden utah holding hands framing leaves happy playful
best formal photographer ogden utah fall leaves mountains red bouquet
best professional formal photographer ogden utah hugging holding hands laughing smiling playful fall colors mountains
professional ogden utah photographer formals first look red and orange bouquet smiling happy
best ogden utah photographer formals billowy veil romantic smiling

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My Favorite Boho Headpieces and Crowns

Let’s chat floral crowns. Though currently a raging bridal accessory (that I’m totally on board with), they actually aren’t a new thing. For generations throughout the world, floral crowns have been adorning bride’s hair to symbolize love, fertility and celebration. So along with your something old, new, borrowed, and blue, consider adding a floral crown to your wedding day ensemble. I love the idea of adding something sentimental that you can personalize yourself!

boho headpieces and crowns!.jpg

Whether you’re a traditionalist seeking to keep customs alive, or looking for a customizable statement piece at your wedding, a floral crown might be for you! Check out a few of my favorite headpieces and crowns that speak to my wild, bohemian heart.

  1. Minimalist Leafy Halo


Simplicity can speak volumes, and this crown is turning up the amp. Unruly, yet polished, this vibrant green crown is sending out some earthy vibes while perfectly accenting that lush bouquet and pure white gown.


2. Dainty Flower Headband


Adorning effortless waves, this more dainty headpiece adds the perfect amount of femininity to accomplish a more complete look. Its delicate detail further accentuates the lace in that perfect, boho, goddess-like dress.


3. Floral Halo Crown


Balance. Balance is what makes this bridal look work! With a dress that can only be described as sexy, minimalist-perfection, this bride can afford a more romantic, unkept hairstyle. Add a floral crown into the mix, and the results are more than enchanting.


4. Woven Floral Comb

boho 2.jpg

Have you ever had such a great hair day, that you are almost sad to go to bed because you know that it won’t be the same the next day? Yeah? Well, I’m positive that is how this girl is feeling..unless her hair happens to look this majestic every that case, I don’t want to know about it. But seriously, this look is nothing short of poetic. Perfectly woven into a braid, the hues in this comb add soft earthiness without taking away from the precision of her look.


5. Statement Crown


Need a few seconds to take in the splendor? I’m appropriately naming this one the “Statement Crown.” Everything about the arrangement is so purposeful! That vibrant crimson rose packs a punch (and even matches her deep red lip!), but is offset by the softness of that perfectly arranged greenery. If you’re looking for perfection, this is it.


let’s plan an adventure together!


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Eli + Sara Formals

professional grand canyon formal photographer pink floral wedding dress red rocks kissing romantic
best page arizona formal photographer pinkn floral wedding dress white bouquet holding hands grand canyon
best horseshoe bend formal photographer pink floral wedding dress holding hands laughing red rocks grand canyon
best page arizona formal photographer sitting cuddling red rocks sand pink floral wedding dress kissing romantic
professional horseshoe bend formal photographer adventure red rock slots purple floral wedding dress white bouquet hugging smiling laughing

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My Three Favorite Engagement Session Client Outfits

One of the things I KNOW my brides stress out a lot over is what to wear to their engagement session. They want to dress the perfect part, a balanced, cohesive look that is both bohemian and urban, both casual and close. My best tip or recommendation when choosing your outfits is that you should dress nicer than you do every day. But whether that means a nice sweater for each of you and some chunky jewelry or a full-on boho vibe with open weave cardigan and Chacos, it’s totally up to you!

My Favorite Engagement Session Client Outfits Logan Utah Engagement Photographer Calli Richards

Since I know some people are looking for a little more direction than that, today I decided to share some of my fool-proof, always-a-winner engagement outfit combinations in case you simply need examples to look off of as you’re making your outfit choices.

The Just Be You

This is where you pick an outfit entirely surrounding your vibe as a couple. It’s probably a bit more laid-back, but it’s still worth grabbing a couple new pieces to feel fancy. But the good news is that these new pieces are totally functional because they’ll fit nicely into the rest of your wardrobe!

The Date Night Classic

This is where you keep it comfortable, by still wearing pants, but you step up your game from what you’d normally wear. Pretend that your boy toy is taking you to a nice dinner, and you want to look stunning, but you’re not committed enough to wear the heals and a dress. Dress him in a sweater or a button up, and wear a bit of jewelry.

The Photographer’s Choice

I love it when my clients are as ready as I am to go adventuring up a mountain or down in a valley by a lake, and the energy behind the eyes of the couple is really apparent when you look at those types of engagement photos. My choice for you is to wear something that you ROCK and feel so confident in, but also allows us to have the adventure of a lifetime as we capture your love. That probably doesn’t look like a dress, and it probably doesn’t look like a suit for your man.

let’s plan an adventure together!


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